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How to Calculate Document Translation Costs

As different countries have different patterns of script usage, document translation must take into account the actual situation of the language being translated. Although document translation may seem simple, the vocabulary and translation patterns in specialized fields are often not easy to master, thus requiring translators with rich experience and expertise in the relevant fields. In addition, the cost of document translation varies from one type to another. Below, we briefly introduce the basic charges for document translation.

There are significant differences in charges between common and minor languages.

For example, English, as a common language, has relatively low translation fees because of the large number of English translators and the ease of gaining experience. However, for languages such as Japanese and Korean, the fees are slightly higher due to the difficulty of translation. German, French, Russian, etc. are also more common, but due to their strict translation requirements, the fees will be correspondingly higher. As for other small languages, due to the scarcity of translators and extremely high translation requirements, their costs will naturally be higher.

Document content also has an impact on translation costs.

Usually, document translation can be divided into three categories: reading, business and publishing. These three types of documents are in increasing order of difficulty, and therefore the price will increase accordingly. Translations of basic day-to-day materials are relatively simple and inexpensive, and you only need to ensure that the translation is accurate and does not interfere with reading. However, for business contracts, training materials, and other cases where the translated content is more demanding, or where the content needs to be published, the fees will naturally be higher.

Taking English document translation as an example, the general basic charge for Chinese-English translation is 100 RMB/thousand words. However, for publication-level content, the translation fee usually requires more than 160 RMB. For Japanese and Korean translations, etc., due to the greater difficulty, the basic fee is usually more than 160 yuan, and the translation fee for the publication level is 230 yuan/thousand words. As for small language translations, the basic cost is more than 300 RMB/thousand words. Therefore, when choosing a translation agency, we should confirm the cost situation according to our own needs and choose an agency with reasonable charges for cooperation.

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