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How much does English simultaneous interpretation cost per day?

In international conferences, simultaneous interpretation is the most efficient method. According to statistics, 95% of international conferences around the world use simultaneous interpretation. However, the threshold for simultaneous interpretation is also the highest among the types of interpretation. It requires translators to quickly complete the prediction, judgment, understanding, memory and conversion of the source language while listening to and distinguishing the source language speech at the same time, and to monitor, polish, organize, revise and express the target language at the same time. Precisely because of the high threshold for simultaneous interpretation, the income in this field is also relatively high.

The quotation for simultaneous interpretation depends on many factors, including the difficulty of the meeting, professionalism, and requirements for the interpreter. At the same time, the experience and qualifications of simultaneous interpreters are also one of the influencing factors. Therefore, the quotation of simultaneous interpreters is usually within a range, and an event usually requires 2 to 3 interpreters.

Regarding the charging standards for English simultaneous interpretation, in the Chinese market, the price range is approximately 4,000 to 10,000 yuan per day. Because most translators are mainly concentrated in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, if business travel is required, the organizer usually needs to bear additional expenses such as transportation, food and accommodation expenses for the translators.

Factors that affect the price of English simultaneous interpretation include:

1. Language ability: Simultaneous interpretation requires the interpreter to have language ability above the average level. Not only does he need to have standard pronunciation and fluent speaking, he also needs to be able to accurately grasp the speaker’s semantic meaning, and convey words that are in line with local language habits, reasonable use of words, and avoidance. ambiguities, etc.

2. Translation skills: Simultaneous interpretation requires translators to have strong memory, prediction, response, storage, instant understanding and instant expression abilities. These skills are key to providing high-quality simultaneous interpretation services.

3. Interpretation experience: Simultaneous interpretation requires the translator to have authentic spoken language, quick response speed, strong logical thinking ability, and certain professional knowledge and translation experience in related fields. Experienced translators usually command higher prices.

4. Simultaneous interpretation companies: There are many translation companies in China, but there are relatively few companies that provide simultaneous interpretation services. Due to the different strengths and charging standards of these professional simultaneous interpretation companies, the price of the same service may vary greatly.

In general, the price of English simultaneous interpretation is affected by many factors. If you want to know the specific price of simultaneous interpretation, we recommend that you contact Artlangs Translation’s online customer service directly, or call +86 0731-8511-4762. Artlangs Translation will provide you with a reasonable and accurate quotation based on your specific needs.

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