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About ARTLANGS >News >What factors affect the quotation of legal translation?

What factors affect the quotation of legal translation?

Legal translation is a high-end service that mainly serves upper-class groups such as lawyers, foreign-funded enterprises, and import and export companies. It has high quality requirements and technical difficulties. As one of the important research fields of legal linguistics, legal translation is playing an increasingly important role in social life at home and abroad. In addition to placing high demands on translators and related conditions, legal translation is also subject to the characteristics of legal language itself.

With the development of the times, translation directly affects the development of domestic and foreign enterprises, and translation quotations in different fields are affected by various factors. Taking legal translation as an example, the following are some factors that affect legal translation quotations analyzed by Artlangs Translation:

1. Content volume: The quotation for legal translation is related to the content volume. Many translation companies charge per word, so the amount of content determines the cost. If the translation company does not quote based on the number of words, but charges a flat rate, it may be unreasonable and needs to be treated with caution.

2. Translation language: The translation costs for different languages are different. Relatively speaking, translation in small languages is often more expensive than translation in Chinese and English. This is because there are relatively few professionals in small languages and the languages may be more obscure, so prices are relatively higher.

3. The level of translators: The level of translators also has an impact on translation costs. The cost of translation services for translators with a higher level of legal professional background or those who have been engaged in this type of work for many years may be higher than that of ordinary translators.

To sum up, the charging price of legal translation is closely related to the above factors. Therefore, for this type of translation service, it is necessary to judge whether the charges are reasonable based on these details to avoid unnecessary additional expenses due to negligence.

Legal translation has the characteristics of rigorous wording, strong logic, professional wording, and complex sentences. It is a field recognized by the translation industry as more difficult. Taking legal English translation as an example, only a few professionals who are proficient in English, proficient in law and have many years of translation experience can guarantee the translation quality of legal documents.

The above is an introduction to the factors that affect legal translation quotations. Artlangs Translation is a well-known language service provider in China. We always put customers first, adhere to the principles of high standards, high efficiency and high quality, and are committed to serving global medicine and health, engineering and construction (technical engineering), IT Internet, artificial intelligence We provide professional global multi-language translation services to customers in many industries such as online games, business and finance, and legal contracts. If you have translation needs, please consult Artlangs Translation’s online customer service, or call +86 0731-8511-4762.

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