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What is the Price for an Escorted Translation by a Translation Company

As the gloom of the epidemic lifts, companies are stepping onto the international stage to explore new business opportunities. As a result, the most frequently mentioned inquiry we have received since January is:

"How much does it cost to accompany an interpreter on an overseas service?"

"Do you have Spanish translators with chemical knowledge and how are the costs calculated?"

"A Russian client is coming to visit our factory, can you provide escorted translation services and what is the price?"

In view of the frequency of such questions, today we will unify the answer, so that you have a clearer understanding of how professional translation companies calculate the cost of accompanying translation.

First of all, the price of escorted translation is closely related to its level. Usually, escorted translation is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced, and their main differences are as follows:

Junior escort: holding a translation license, with about one year of translation experience, mainly applicable to exhibitions, tourism, visiting friends and relatives and studying abroad escort and other scenes. The price is roughly 600-1200 RMB/day (8 hours) for large languages and 1200-1800 RMB/day (8 hours) for small languages.

Intermediate Accompaniment: Also holding a translation license and having 2-3 years of translation experience, they are suitable for occasions such as visits, exhibitions, tournaments, conferences and business negotiations. The price range is RMB 1,200-2,000/day (8 hours) for large languages and RMB 1,800-4,500/day (8 hours) for small languages.

Senior escort: also holds a translation certificate, has more than 3-5 years of rich translation experience, and is especially good at high-level meetings, professional theme meetings and large-scale conference hosting and other occasions. The price is relatively high, 2000-3500 RMB/day (8 hours) for large languages and 3000-5000 RMB/day (8 hours) for small languages.

Secondly, the time period of translation will also affect the price. For example, the price is naturally different between an escort translation that takes one day and one that takes one week or one month, and usually the longer the translation period, the more favorable the price will be.

Finally, the overall price may also be affected by the length of overtime hours. Therefore, it is important to consider all relevant factors when setting your translation budget.

Overall, when calculating the cost of escort translation, you need to take into account the level of translation, language, duration, overtime and travel. I hope the above answer can help you.

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