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Case translation - case translation company - hunan case translation company

  Translation of medical records - medical records are records of medical activities such as the occurrence, development, examination, diagnosis and treatment of a patient's disease by medical staff. It is also a medical record made according to the summary, collation, comprehensive analysis, prescribed form and requirements of the collected data. Medical history is the summary of clinical practice, the legal basis for exploring the law of disease and dealing with medical disputes, and it is the precious wealth of the country. Medical records play an important role in medical prevention, education, scientific research, hospital management and so on.

  Medical Record Translation - Just like seeing a doctor abroad, foreign doctors often need to refer to the translation files of medical records in domestic hospitals, and translate your image reports, checklists, and pathological diagnosis reports into English. Foreign hospitals will refer to your past illness and domestic doctors diagnosed and issued drug list or surgical records, to make a preliminary judgment on whether to treat. Then the translation of medical records only professional medical translation agencies can translate these documents. In particular, pathology reports use medical terms. People without a medical background cannot translate.

  Of course, with the popularization of computers today, people's writing is more and more chaotic. It's true that many doctors' notes are hard to read, but in most cases, doctors can read other doctors' notes. So I guess there's "jargon" in the hospital. But not slang. Besides, I don't cheat patients. Why can doctors read medical records written by other doctors, but no one else can? The reason is that for doctors who are familiar with a particular area, the usual injections and treatments are the same, and they don't differ much from each other. Knowing that they all rely on their own experience is not because of special handwriting training. As can be seen from the translation of medical records, the translator's quality is crucial to the accuracy of translation. If you have no medical experience, as long as you recognize your own handwriting, the translation effect is often not good.

  Ya Yan Translation (parent company CCJK) holds the top qualification of the industry, including the double certification of Translators Association of China and Translators Association of America, ISO9001 and ISO17100 quality system certification.

  The company has 11,219 top native language translators from almost all parts of the world, and the number is still growing, can provide services in more than 300 languages around the world, the company's team of translators are highly evaluated, the on-job translators all hold professional translation certificates such as Catti/Naati. To ensure that users and industries in different countries and regions to achieve accurate, high quality language services for the whole process.

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