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How to compare the price of the translation company?

  Any market has price classification, customers can choose different quality products and services according to the budget, the price of translation company is no exception. Therefore, the low price is relative, after all, there are a lot of high price orders on the market. From the point of view of supply and demand, a stable "low" price is the expression of balance between supply and demand. There is a balance between those who leave the market because of "low" prices and those who enter because of "low" prices, as well as between the increase and decrease in the demand for translation and the increase and decrease in the number of translators.

  The price of the translation company mainly depends on two aspects: the translation language and the translation content. In terms of languages, Britain, Japan and South Korea are the first level with the lowest fees. The second level is French, German and Russian; The third level is Spanish, Portuguese, Italian; The fourth grade is Arabic, Indonesian and Thai. Level 5 is for other sub-languages, such as Finnish, Polish, Burmese, etc. Translation content is divided into two parts: documents and documents. The documents are charged by copies, and the manuscripts are charged by words (or words). According to the specific content of the manuscript, take a step - by - step charge. The first level is the general manuscript without any professional requirements, such as company profile, advertisement, sample contract, articles of association, etc.; The second level is financial translation, legal translation and trade translation. The third level is computer, information and communication technology; The fourth grade is related to industrial manufacturing and construction engineering; The fifth grade is geology, hydrology, chemical industry, medical treatment, petroleum exploration and so on. Literature is classified as the second, third or fourth level according to translation requirements.

  So how to avoid losses and give a reasonable price for translation companies? In fact, it is simple. Yayan Translation offers a three-step solution: first, understand the price range of the industry, then collect peer opinions and pay the price according to your expectations. Yayan translation has high requirements for the quality of translation, the interpreter is particularly excellent, looking forward to working with you.

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