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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does it cost to accompany a Portuguese interpreter?

How much does it cost to accompany a Portuguese interpreter?

Portuguese (Portuguese: Português) is one of the few widely distributed languages in the world. When communicating and cooperating with Portuguese-speaking countries and regions, and when relevant personnel or enterprises engage in on-site inspections, business exchanges and other activities, since the communicating parties are often from different countries or regions, they may face language barriers, thus hindering normal activities. In this case, the value of accompanying a Portuguese translator will be obvious. Portuguese accompanying interpreters help both parties communicate smoothly and successfully solve communication problems caused by language differences. So, how much does a Portuguese accompanying translator cost for a day?

The charging standard for Portuguese translation in the domestic translation market is usually about 400 yuan per thousand words for written translation. The price of oral translation is generally higher than that of written translation, and there is a large price range. The price of Portuguese interpretation can be divided by type into accompanied interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, telephone and video interpretation, etc. Among them, the most common price of accompanied interpretation is generally about 2,000 yuan per person per day. Of course, the cost of a Portuguese accompanying interpreter is affected by many factors, so the above prices are for reference only. For simpler translation situations, such as foreign language tour guides, shopping escorts, travel interpreters, etc., the requirements are relatively low and the prices are also relatively low; while for business accompanying translations, when important matters such as cooperation are involved, the level of accompanying interpreters is required Higher, so the price is relatively higher.

Generally speaking, professional Portuguese translation companies will develop reasonable service plans and quotations based on the translation needs of different customers to match the interpreters required by customers and meet the translation needs in different situations. Artlangs Translation Company provides accompanying translation services in more than 100 languages and employs excellent interpreters in different languages from all over the world, covering petrochemical, legal and financial, IT, automotive aviation, electrical machinery, medicine, construction and other fields. If you want to know the specific charging standards and service procedures for Portuguese translation, please feel free to consult our company or call us.

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