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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does a Korean accompanying interpreter charge?

How much does a Korean accompanying interpreter charge?

Since the easing of relations between China and South Korea, the number of tourists visiting South Korea has continued to rise. Many young fans include shopping and chasing idols in Korean into their plans. At the same time, the trade between China and South Korea is gradually recovering, and the demand for business cooperation and tourism and shopping has increased the demand for Korean translation.

Korean escort translators usually refer to professional translators who provide interpretation services for travel and business escort events. In foreign environments faced with language barriers, professional accompanying translators become crucial.

Korean accompanying translators can be divided into the following categories:

1. Business accompanying translation: Accompany customers in business occasions and provide immediate translation assistance, including business negotiations, product seminars, cooperation negotiations, etc.

2. Technical accompanying translator: Accompany customers in professional and technical occasions and provide translation services, such as technical seminars, technical inspections, equipment introductions, installation and debugging, etc., which are common in the fields of machinery, electrical, and engineering.

3. Life accompanying translation: covering more aspects of life, including business trips, leisure activities, daily travel, etc.

The cost of a Korean interpreter will vary depending on the specific needs and services provided. Generally speaking, the cost per day for an experienced Korean interpreter who understands various scenarios and industries is about 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan. If it involves accompanying translation services for professional or high-end events, the price will be higher. In addition, factors such as the translator's qualifications, experience, and market conditions will also affect the cost.

Korean accompanying translator is also a difficult job. Artlangs Translation Company carefully selects each accompanying translator to ensure that they have experience accompanying large-scale conferences. Whether it is business negotiations, travel escorts or factory visits, Artlangs Translation can meet the needs of our customers. The company serves customers in many industries. By strictly implementing the quality control system, standardizing business processes and auditing standards, it has established a systematic, professional and experienced Korean translation team, and is committed to enabling every customer to perform foreign-related work and Life becomes more convenient and smoother.

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