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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does a Thai accompanying interpreter charge?

How much does a Thai accompanying interpreter charge?

With the continuous growth of Sino-Thailand trade, Thai accompanying interpreters have become increasingly important in activities such as outbound inspections and business exchanges for relevant personnel or companies. When they have relevant needs, most companies and individuals will choose professional accompanying translation companies to cooperate. Before cooperation, the price of Thai escort translator is an important information that they care about. Below is relevant information about the fees for Thai accompanying translators.

As a professional translation service, accompanying translation is widely used in business inspections, tourism, conference exchanges and cultural exchanges. Accompanying translators can not only provide language translation, but also provide consultation on cultural background, etiquette and habits, etc., making your travel more convenient and communication smoother.

Different occasions have different requirements for accompanying interpreters, so the final translation prices also vary. For example, when an interpreter accompanies a company visit, the interpreter may be required to explain theoretical knowledge in the corresponding field, which requires the interpreter to have a knowledge background in the corresponding field, so the charging standard may be higher. Thai accompanying interpreters are usually charged by the hour or day, and the price is generally between 1,200 yuan and 2,800 yuan per day. However, the actual price needs to be quoted comprehensively based on many factors such as the project and the translator's situation.

The above is a brief introduction to the prices of Thai accompanying translators. Artlangs Translation is a professional Thai translation service provider. We can provide you with various high-quality accompanying translation services. Our translation team is composed of translators with rich experience, fluent language and high professionalism, ensuring that you can communicate without any obstacles in an unfamiliar environment.

Artlangs Translation Company can provide accompanying translation services in more than 100 languages and has attracted a large number of show interpreters in different languages. We will match you with the most suitable translator based on comprehensive factors such as different industries, occasions, languages and locations. Our translators' fields cover petrochemical, legal and financial, automotive and aviation, electrical machinery, medicine, construction and other industries.

Whether you are a business person, tourist or conference attendee, we can meet your translation needs. Please contact our customer service and tell us your specific needs, and we will customize a suitable accompanying translation service plan for you based on your needs.

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