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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does it cost to translate a French contract?

How much does it cost to translate a French contract?

In recent years, with the rise of China on the international stage, the demand for French has continued to increase, and French translation has become an urgently needed service industry. In international trade, bilingual contracts are usually required to be effective. When cooperating with French-speaking companies, corresponding French contract translation is required. When companies do not have full-time translators, they will choose to hire professional translation companies to translate French contracts and other documents. In the field of French simultaneous translation, there is a company worth mentioning, which is our Artlangs Translation Company. When most clients choose a translation company, their first concern is the price of French contract translation. The following will introduce the French contract translation services and charging standards of Artlangs Translation Company.

1. French contract fee standards

The charging method for contract translation and translation of other documents is the same, and the fees are calculated based on the number of words translated. The difference is that contract translation involves industry terminology and special requirements of the enterprise, as well as a lot of legal content. Therefore, when translating contracts, the accuracy and rigor of the words must be ensured. The translation company will arrange senior translators with relevant professional backgrounds, legal knowledge and professional skills to be responsible for contract translation. The labor cost of this type of translator is relatively high, so the cost of contract translation will also be higher, and the corresponding charging standard will be higher than that of ordinary document translation.

The charging standards for contract translation are determined based on the language and difficulty of the translation. According to the National Standard of the People's Republic of China "Translation Service Specification Part 1: Translation" (GB/T1936.1-2008), we usually use the review/word count tool of Microsoft Word 2010 to calculate the number of words. If the file is in PDF format, you can use a conversion tool to convert it to a Word document so that the number of words can be counted. Divide the calculated number of texts by 1,000 and then multiply by the unit price to get the final contract translation quotation. Our reference price for French contract translation starts at 270 yuan/1,000 words. For special industries, the terminology is not common and requires professional translators to translate, so the price will be relatively high. The actual French contract translation price is subject to our manual quotation, because we will adjust the price according to the specific content of the French contract.

2. French contract translation service

As a professional French translation company, we have a team with rich experience and excellent translation skills. Our translators all have a solid foundation in French and good interpreting skills. They can easily handle various professional vocabulary and scenarios and ensure the accuracy and fluency of translation. Whether it is a conference, business negotiation or academic seminar, we can provide you with high-quality French simultaneous interpretation services.

We always adhere to the customer-centric principle and put customer needs first. Whether you are in the construction, medical or legal industry, we can provide you with professional French simultaneous translation services. Our translators have extensive industry knowledge and experience to better understand and convey your message.

We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality contract translation services, while focusing on communication and cooperation with customers. We are always flexible and efficient to ensure our services meet your needs.

If you have any need for French translation or want to know the fees, please feel free to contact customer service. We look forward to working with you to provide excellent French simultaneous translation services.

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