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How much does it cost to translate from Thai to Chinese?

Thai is the official language of Thailand. As our neighbor, Thailand has a lot of exchanges and cooperation with us in economic and trade. Moreover, many of our companies have cooperation and exchanges with them in their countries. During the exchange process, they often need to translate the contents of the corresponding Thai documents into Chinese. So, how much does it cost to translate a Thai document? How much does a Thai translation cost?

With the continuous progress of society and economic development, the relationship between China and Thailand has become increasingly closer. However, since Thai language is not widely spread in our country, there are still quite few skilled Thai translators. In addition, Thai and Chinese have different font styles, and there are also many dialects. Therefore, when translating Thai into Chinese, the translator needs to have high translation skills to correctly understand Thai and accurately translate into Chinese. Therefore, the price of Thai translation in Shenzhen is slightly higher than that of other languages. Below, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly introduce the charging standards for Thai translation.

The price of Thai translation can be analyzed from several aspects, including ordinary-level translation, native-level translation and professional-level translation.

1. The price of Chinese-Thai translation of ordinary documents is approximately 260 yuan/1,000 words. We can provide translation services for everything from emails to easy-to-understand texts to everyday phrases.

2. The professional-level price of Chinese-Thai translation is about 300 yuan per 1,000 words. Mainly used in company instructions, contracts and other professional documents. If publication-level translation is required, the price of translation from Thai to Chinese is about 400 yuan per 1,000 words, and the price of translation from Chinese to Thai is about 450 yuan per 1,000 words.

3. The price of Chinese translation into Thai is usually about 500 yuan, and the price of English translation into Thai is usually about 600 yuan, calculated per 1,000 words.

The types of Thai translation include oral translation and listening translation, and the prices will vary depending on the type of service.

1. The quotation for providing Thai accompanying translation is generally between 1,200 yuan and 2,800 yuan per day.

2. The price of Thai consecutive interpretation per day is about 3,500 yuan to 4,500 yuan, while the price of Thai simultaneous interpretation per day is about 8,000 yuan.

3. The average price of Thai listening translation is about 400 to 600 yuan per 1,000 words, or about 100 to 200 yuan per minute.

Artlangs Translation Company has accumulated 20 years of translation experience and specializes in providing Thai translation services. Every year we provide a large number of Thai translation documents for enterprises. In Zhongtai construction projects, we often participate and provide various services to our customers. In order to protect our customers' confidential information, we sign strict confidentiality agreements with our customers to ensure their privacy and security.

In order to provide high-quality Thai translation services, we have established a dedicated Thai translation team. We have also established a terminology resource library based on our past Thai translation experience to ensure that the vocabulary used in the translation is accurate and professional. Through these measures, we have improved the translation efficiency of manuscripts and shortened the translation cycle.

In terms of Thai translation, Artlangs Translation continues to improve its translation capabilities and optimize the translation process. We choose translators with many years of Thai translation experience and experience living or working in Thailand as Thai translation teachers to provide the most localized services possible. In order to ensure the quality of translation, we specially contract foreign native Thai translators to perform native language translation and review of professional documents involving high standards.

If you need Thai translation services, welcome to choose Artlangs Translation Company. We will provide you with more cost-effective and more favorable translation services based on your manuscript type and translation time.

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