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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does French simultaneous interpretation cost per day?

How much does French simultaneous interpretation cost per day?

Simultaneous interpretation is a high-quality translation service, so its price is relatively high. Various large-scale international conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, forums and academic exchange activities are held in China every year, and these activities usually require the use of simultaneous interpretation in various languages. In addition to English, Japanese, Korean and Russian, French simultaneous interpretation also has a huge market demand. So, how much does French simultaneous interpretation cost per day? This article will introduce the price and market situation of French simultaneous interpretation.

1. French simultaneous interpretation fee standards

Like other languages, the price of French simultaneous interpretation is also determined by comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, such as the difficulty of translation, conference area, requirements for translators, etc. Artlangs Translation Company usually gives a rough price range first, and then specifically matches simultaneous interpreters according to the customer's project needs. Only after matching a suitable translator can it give a specific quotation.

The current price of French simultaneous interpretation on the market is about 5,000-9,000 yuan/person/day. It should be noted that simultaneous interpreters work 8 hours a day. Normally, a half day is calculated from the beginning of the meeting to four hours, and a day is calculated from four hours to eight hours. In addition, if you need to work overtime or travel, additional time is required. Negotiate fees.

2. Market situation of French simultaneous interpretation

With the development of globalization, French is the official language of the United Nations, the European Union and other regions and international organizations, and the demand for simultaneous interpretation is also increasing. At present, the French simultaneous interpretation market is mainly concentrated in international conferences, business negotiations, high-end forums and other occasions. At the same time, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and machine translation technology, the simultaneous interpretation market is also facing certain challenges. However, due to the high quality and professionalism of simultaneous interpretation services, its market prospects are still broad.

The above is a brief introduction to the price and market situation of French simultaneous interpretation. Although French simultaneous interpretation services are more expensive, they are an indispensable high-quality translation service for companies and organizations that require international communication and business cooperation. It should be noted that the above price information is for reference only. For specific prices, please refer to the specific quotation of Artlangs Translation Company. You are welcome to ask our translation customer service staff for detailed translation processes. In addition to French, we also provide document translation in various other languages, large and small, to provide you with high-quality language solutions.

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