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How much does Thai subtitle translation cost?

Subtitle translation is a very common need in the translation industry. There are many types of subtitle translation, including movie documentary subtitles, TV variety show subtitles, TV series subtitles, movie subtitle translation, company video translation, memoir documentary translation, etc. Movie subtitle translation is a common demand among the public. We all need to watch the Chinese version when watching some American dramas, Japanese dramas, Korean dramas, and Thai dramas in our daily lives. Similarly, domestic scripts that are to be exported abroad also need to be translated into local languages. So, which Thai subtitle translation company is the best? How much does Thai subtitle translation cost? This article will introduce this information to you in detail.

1. Thai subtitle translation company

Artlangs Translation Company has specially set up a multimedia translation project team dedicated to video subtitle translation. The project team is composed of experienced project managers, translators, review experts, native language translation experts and technical personnel to provide various translation services. We will select suitable Chinese-Thai translators based on the video content to complete audio translation or subtitle file translation, and will be repeatedly reviewed and proofread by specialized reviewers to ensure the accuracy and professionalism of the Thai video subtitle translation. After the translation is completed, we can also provide subsequent dubbing services.

2. Thai subtitle translation fee standards

We have extensive experience in the field of subtitle translation and are good at translating movies, TV series, animations, documentaries, promotional videos, video tutorials and other media. We have long-term cooperation with domestic enterprises and institutions, including film and television media companies and TV stations, and have accumulated rich experience in providing them with professional film and TV series translation services. We also have project experience in translating Thai videos into Chinese and Chinese subtitles into Thai, and have professional translation capabilities.

3. Charging standards for Thai subtitle translation

Many customers are very concerned about the price issue when consulting. The price of video translation is different from the translation of ordinary text materials. The main factors that affect the price of video translation include the language of translation, the number of translations, whether scripts are provided, whether there are original subtitles, whether accompanying subtitles are required, whether dubbing is required, etc. There are big differences in price for different translation needs. If you want to know the detailed translation price, please communicate directly with online customer service. We will give you a reasonable quotation based on your translation needs.

4. Subtitle translation commitment

Artlangs Translation selects professional subtitle translators from the talent pool. All translators are foreign translators whose native language is the language they are listening to, which can fully ensure the quality of dictation and subtitle translation. We guarantee the quality of our subtitle translations and have skilled in-house sound and recording engineers who have full control over the speech to ensure high-quality recordings.

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