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About ARTLANGS >News >How much does English-Chinese contract translation cost?

How much does English-Chinese contract translation cost?

In cross-border cooperation between enterprises, it is often necessary to translate English contracts into Chinese. However, due to the wide variety of contracts on the market, the quotations for contract translation are also confusing, leaving many people unclear about the correct charging standards. This article will introduce you to the charging methods for translating English contracts into Chinese.

First of all, the charging method for translating an English contract into Chinese is the same as the translation of other documents, which is based on the number of words. However, because the contract has legal characteristics and industry-specific vocabulary, the translation company will arrange legal translators with relevant knowledge background to perform the translation. , the labor cost of this type of professional translators is much higher than that of ordinary translators. Therefore, the cost of contract translation is relatively high, and its fees will also increase accordingly.

Secondly, the difficulty of contract translation in different fields is different, and the contract must be accurate, so if there is an urgent manuscript, the price will increase accordingly. This is because the translation agency needs to arrange more translators to translate the project, and at the same time must ensure the consistency and accuracy of the translation, which will increase the cost of translation and thus affect the price. Usually, the price for English-to-Chinese contract translation starts at 130 yuan/1,000 words, including contract translation and professional typesetting. Of course, the specific price needs to be adjusted based on actual translation needs. This is for reference only. The specific price needs to be adjusted based on actual translation needs.

Artlangs Translation is a professional translation company that provides high-quality business contract translation services. The company has a senior legal translation team with solid legal knowledge and industry experience, able to provide customers with professional business contract translation services to ensure that the translation content is accurate, legal and effective. The company provides multilingual services and can provide customers with business contract translation support on a global scale to ensure compliance with standards under different cultures and legal systems.

Artlangs Translation strictly abides by the confidentiality agreement and treats the customer's contract text confidentially to ensure the security and confidentiality of the text information so that customers can use the company's contract translation services with confidence. The company can also provide personalized business contract translation solutions based on customer needs, provide customers with the highest quality language support, and help customers succeed in the global market.

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