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About ARTLANGS >News >How to translate the transcript into English and then notarize it?

How to translate the transcript into English and then notarize it?

Transcript notarization is an activity by the national notary institution to certify the authenticity of the transcript held or the consistency of other texts with the original content at the request of the notarization applicant and in accordance with the law. Notarized transcripts are available in both Chinese and English. If the transcript is already in English, no translation is required. However, if the transcript is not in English, an official translation is required.

1. Notarization of transcripts

Before notarizing, you need to note that the notarized document is not a universal document in all countries, because the translation language requirements will be different depending on the country you are going to. It is recommended that customers determine the language that needs to be processed according to the country they are going to, to avoid the problem of not being able to use the notarized translation certificate. If you need transcripts translated and notarized in English, please go directly to the local notary office to apply. Before applying, you can also contact the notary office to determine whether the notarization is qualified for foreign-related notarization to avoid the situation of being unable to issue foreign-related notarization. To apply for notarization of transcripts, you need to submit the following materials:

(1) Original transcript: Applicants should submit the original transcript issued by the school, which should include personal information, subjects, grades, etc. If the transcript is not in English, an official translation is also required.

(2) Translation: If the transcript is not in English, an official translation needs to be submitted. The translated version should be translated by an institution with translation qualifications and capabilities, and should include the official seal of the institution.

2. Transcript translation

Translating transcripts into English is an important task, especially for those who wish to study abroad or apply for jobs. Transcript translations should be translated by an institution that can prove that the translator has translation qualifications and abilities, and should contain the official seal of the institution.

If you need to translate your transcript, you can contact Artlangs Translation Company to provide you with translation services. Artlangs Translation is a professional foreign-related translation agency that has complete translation qualification documents at your disposal and can provide you with professional, standardized and legally binding transcript translations.

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