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How to judge the professionalism of a Japanese translation company

According to data released by the General Administration of Customs of China, the total trade volume between China and Japan increased from 2.16 trillion yuan to around 2.38 trillion yuan from 2018 to 2022. Although the current relationship between China and Japan has entered a tense state, the trade between the two countries is still close, and many Japanese companies are highly dependent on the Chinese market, especially some high-tech products.

In the current era of frequent trade between China and Japan, the importance of Japanese translation services is self-evident. However, the domestic Japanese translation market is mixed, and many speculators promote "low-cost and high-quality" translation services to the outside world. In fact, the translation services provided can be described as shoddy and even unusable. Taking this opportunity, Beijing Translation Company will share with you how to judge the strength of a Japanese translation company.

The first is the specialization of translation services. With the further acceleration of industry segmentation, customers have increasingly high requirements for the industry background and language proficiency of Japanese translators. In fact, there is an extreme shortage of high-end composite talents who possess both high-level Japanese translation skills and relevant industry knowledge, which makes the vast majority of Japanese translation companies have to make a helpless choice between language proficiency and industry background. In recent years, the increasingly improved economic relations and expanded trade between China and Japan, the further relaxation of Japanese study abroad policy and the return of a large number of overseas returnees have all provided a solid foundation for the emergence and rapid growth of specialized Japanese translation institutions.

Secondly, having a Japanese cultural background. The translation quality of the manuscript, especially the translation quality from Chinese to Japanese, is greatly influenced by the overall level of the review team. For this reason, many professional Japanese translation companies specifically hire Japanese or Chinese people with travel backgrounds to serve as proofreaders to ensure that the context, style, and logical expression of the translated text conform to the thinking habits of Japanese people. A company with a Japanese cultural background can also obtain certain reference factors from the official website of the organization.

Furthermore, it is the professionalization of management. In order to strictly control the overall high quality of the project, professional Japanese translation companies have a self-contained management system with high transparency. The more sound and transparent the system, the higher the level of standardization in management, and naturally it can form its competitive advantage. In short, specialized Japanese translation companies that have reached a certain level generally do not blindly emphasize price advantages or adopt low-level competitive measures such as significant price reductions.

Finally, the appropriateness of the translation quotation. The average market price for professional Japanese translation services is roughly RMB 260-300 per thousand words for Japanese to Chinese translations, and RMB 300-400 per thousand words for Chinese to Japanese translations. If a translation company's quotation is much cheaper than the market average price, then attention should be paid. In fact, by calculating the labor costs of translation and proofreading, one can roughly guess the value of the service. A truly powerful Japanese translation company, unless your translation volume is large enough, usually their price reduction will not exceed 10 to 30 RMB per thousand words.

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