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What should be noted when selecting simultaneous interpretation services

The so-called simultaneous interpretation, or "simultaneous interpreting" for short, refers to a translation method in which the interpreter continuously interprets the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. The simultaneous interpreter provides instant translation through special equipment. This method is suitable for large-scale seminars and international conferences, and is usually carried out by rotation of two to three interpreters. Unlike ordinary interpreting types, simultaneous interpretation is a highly challenging interlingual conversion activity that is strictly limited by time. It requires interpreters to quickly predict, understand, memorize, and transform the source language information in a very short time while listening to the source language's speech, while also monitoring, organizing, correcting, and expressing the target language to produce a translation of the target language.

In the current era of increasingly frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries, the application of simultaneous interpretation is also increasing, such as various international conferences, foreign affairs, meetings and negotiations, business activities, and other occasions. However, domestic simultaneous interpreters are very scarce, and coupled with the diversity of domestic translation companies, it is not easy to choose suitable simultaneous interpretation services. Taking advantage of this opportunity, The translation company will share with you what to pay attention to when selecting simultaneous interpretation services.

The first is the qualifications and experience of translators. If this translator has obtained a series of translation qualification certifications, such as the second level interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, or intermediate to senior interpretation qualification certificates from the human resources department, then he/she has a certain foundation in completing a simultaneous interpretation project. In addition, it also depends on which projects the translator has completed and whether these projects match the required fields of this project. If it matches, then this translator also has a certain foundation in industry classification.

Next is the pronunciation and appearance of the translator. Without much time to inspect translators, we can give them a simple oral test to see if their pronunciation is standard. Special attention should be paid to the translator's Chinese pronunciation level, which is easily overlooked. Unlike translation, interpretation work requires the external image of interpreters. Of course, most of the simultaneous interpreting work is carried out in the operation room, so the requirements in this regard will be reduced.

Finally, there is the quotation and professional attitude of the translator. The prices quoted by translators with different levels, expectations, and experiences for the same project may vary significantly. It is important to ask clearly in advance. An excellent translator should always adhere to a professional, humble, punctual, and pursuit of excellence attitude, which is crucial for the successful completion of translation projects. Simply put, this involves the character of an interpreter, and the technical gap can be filled in a short period of time, while the way and attitude of handling things are difficult to quickly correct.

The above is the relevant introduction about simultaneous interpretation services. I hope it can be helpful to everyone, and I also hope that when choosing simultaneous interpretation services, everyone can have their eyes open and not be deceived by temporary interests. Priority should be given to cooperating with legitimate and professional translation companies.

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