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How do professional medical translation companies control translation quality?

For the translation industry, ensuring the accuracy of the translation is the primary goal of translators. Only by grasping the coherence, logical clues, and lexical connections of the text can translators accurately convert the source language into the target language, enabling readers to obtain basically undamaged original information. Moreover, emphasizing the conciseness of terminology is correct, but it is not necessary to be concise for the sake of brevity. The pursuit of conciseness must be based on ensuring translation accuracy, especially in medical translation work, where any carelessness may result in incalculable losses.

In addition to these, medical translation services will also face another challenge, which is translation pricing. The translation quotations in the market are different, and coupled with the uneven quality of the entire translation market, many speculators use malicious low-priced methods to attract customers and deliver crude translation manuscripts to customers, which leads to chaos and suffering in the entire translation market. Taking this opportunity, the translation company will share with you how professional medical translation companies control translation quality.

Firstly, a medical translation company must have dedicated staff with a medical background (before collaborating, clients need to check their official website to see if the company is good at translating in this field. Through their works or articles, they need to check if they are a professional medical translation company). A solid professional background is one of the essential skills for practitioners, and it is also necessary to clarify that the other party is a translation company. There are many ways to check, such as whether to register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and relevant information publicly available on major media platforms, which can serve as a reference.

Secondly, the quality of the translator is the key to determining the translation content. After confirming the cooperation with the client, the project manager of a professional translation company will organize terminology and vocabulary through reading literature and reviewing relevant materials, and discuss preliminary drafts with the staff. Afterwards, the translator needs to review relevant references for further understanding before starting the translation. This can avoid the occurrence of random or incorrect translations.

Medical translation requires high accuracy, and translators must understand the meaning of the article during translation. For unclear sentences or content, it is necessary to check the references or relevant materials and avoid making random guesses. Therefore, translators not only need to have a good professional background, but also possess proficient information retrieval skills. To possess this ability, it is generally necessary to have a master's degree or above and receive good skill training. A simple language worker cannot become a professional, after all, the distance between professions is like a mountain.

Finally, after the translator completes the translation task, the subsequent modifications rely entirely on dedicated reviewers. The work of reviewers is largely a judgment on the logic and accuracy of the translation. For example, in the translation of a technical document, are there any technical deficiencies or non-standard expressions in the translation provided by the translator. This stage is a necessary step for identifying problems and communicating them in real time before delivering the translation to the client.

The above is an introduction to medical translation services. I hope it can be helpful to everyone, and I also hope that when choosing medical translation services, you should not be greedy for temporary gains and losses, and choose formal and professional translation work cooperation. 

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