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What should I pay attention to when translating a paper?

Translation is the process of converting two languages. The key factor in this process is the translation itself. Translators must perform every translation activity or task well. Of course, in order to improve the quality of translation, it is necessary to have a strong understanding, such as sharp thinking, good memory, strong language organization and expression skills, noble moral concepts, etc. These all have an immeasurable auxiliary effect on translation quality.

Thesis translation refers to the translation of research and description of academic research achievements in various academic fields. It is mainly used to learn from foreign advanced achievements, participate in international Academic conference, and promote academic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Today, Artlangs  Translation Company will discuss with you the preventive measures for translating this paper.

Firstly, when translating a paper, we need to understand the overall structure of the paper. The first step in translating a paper is to grasp the logical relationship of the entire paper, clarify the impact and connection between the chronological order and content in the article, which requires translators to master the application of translation tenses in the paper. English scientific paper abstracts usually choose different tenses to express their meanings, namely present, past, and present completion. Generally speaking, a clear Temporal logic can make the translation more fluent and help readers understand the author's writing ideas and the central ideas expressed.

Secondly, when providing paper translation services, attention should be paid to the transformation of thinking habits between Chinese and English. In terms of thinking habits, Chinese people and foreigners have significant differences, with foreigners preferring concise and comprehensive expressions. Therefore, during the translation process, there is no need for corresponding words. Translators can omit or change individual non substantive words on the basis of accurately expressing their original meaning, and can also flexibly adjust grammar and voice, such as dividing complex and lengthy sentences into two short sentences or several Chinese short sentences, and merging them into English long sentences.

Finally, when translating a paper, it is important to pay attention to the professionalism of vocabulary. For example, in the translation of scientific papers, the author's scientific discoveries, arguments, and achievements are often described, involving professional vocabulary in a certain field of expertise. Therefore, in the translation process, it is necessary to understand the professional background knowledge involved in the field, and if necessary, consult professional vocabulary in professional dictionaries to ensure the quality and professionalism of the paper translation. In addition, translators should also pay attention to the connections between sentences, such as the smooth translation of conjunctions and connecting sentences, to ensure that writing is not only professional but also fluent.

Generally speaking, paper translation often involves many rare words and compound words, and even some words may like traditional book dictionaries, which cannot be found in Electronic dictionary; The translation language should conform to the habits of the paper, and if necessary, professionals skilled in paper translation should be invited to proofread or translate; Then the translation of the paper must emphasize professionalism. Imagine if a translator who does not understand medicine translates the paper, the meaning of the translation is difficult to accurately convey.

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