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About ARTLANGS >News >What do you need to pay attention to when providing accompanying translation services?

What do you need to pay attention to when providing accompanying translation services?

As a common form of translation, accompanying translation is a real-time interpretation service provided in activities such as business accompanying, tourism accompanying, conference accompanying, exhibition accompanying, etc. Compared with ordinary translation, accompanying translation requires higher requirements, mainly reflecting the cultural familiarity and adaptability of different countries. An excellent accompanying translator, in addition to having a solid language foundation and skills, It is also necessary to cultivate an awareness of cross-cultural communication, and in some other countries, it is still necessary to pay attention to foreign cultures.

Furthermore, accompanying translators also have strict requirements for them, as they require pure pronunciation, strong oral expression and communication skills, as well as a strong sense of service and responsibility. They also need to accumulate a large amount of business and tourism knowledge. In addition, when selecting accompanying translation services, it is best to cooperate with experienced translation companies to ensure the quality and effectiveness of translation. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will share with you some precautions for accompanying translation services.

Firstly, when providing accompanying interpreting services, it is important to take notes with you and record key information to facilitate the connection and memory during translation; But don't be too greedy, remember that being too detailed can easily lead to distraction and neglect the speaker's content. If you encounter a new word with a long pause time and always stay at the new word, you will not be able to concentrate on listening to the speaker's full text. Sometimes the sentences spoken by the speaker are too long, but they can be translated and summarized in one sentence. So when interpreting, all you need to do is express the meaning of the original text clearly.

Secondly, many people speak with accents, and if they are not familiar with them, it will be difficult to understand the meaning conveyed by the speaker. Therefore, interpreters should appropriately understand the accents of different regions in order to meet their needs. There are also many novice interpreters and translators who are not familiar with vocabulary and are prone to nervousness. They constantly correct their new vocabulary and grammar, which not only wastes everyone's time but also may not be able to express themselves clearly. Furthermore, it is important to prepare in advance and become familiar with the general content or industry terminology of this translation, otherwise it will be very difficult to translate and the translation effect will be greatly reduced.

Finally, translators must overcome their inner nervous emotions. Novice translators are prone to nervousness, and once nervous, they are prone to making mistakes, which makes them even more prone to nervousness; This vicious cycle needs to be avoided, which requires translators to prepare in advance for this work. Additionally, with the accumulation of work experience, this tension naturally decreases. Becoming an accompanying translator indicates that one has a high level of foreign language proficiency. Even if not engaged in professional translation work, one can still engage in or be competent in positions with high foreign language requirements, such as major foreign enterprises, foreign banks, investment banks, foreign trade companies, and other import and export enterprises. Therefore, it can be said that the employment prospects are very broad.

The above is the relevant sharing from Artlangs Translation Company, hoping to be helpful to everyone and also hoping that everyone can choose suitable accompanying translation services.

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