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About ARTLANGS >News >Regarding patent translation services, these three points need to be understood

Regarding patent translation services, these three points need to be understood

The so-called patent refers to an invention or creation protected by legal norms. It refers to the exclusive right granted to the patent applicant for an invention or creation within a specified period of time after it is submitted to the national examination and approval authority for a patent application and passed the legal examination. A patent right is an exclusive right that has exclusive exclusivity. Non patentee must obtain the consent or permission of the patentee in accordance with the law in order to use the patented technology of others.

The patent rights granted by a country in accordance with its patent law are only valid within the jurisdiction of that country's laws and have no binding force on other countries. Foreign countries do not have any obligation to protect their patent rights. If an invention or creation is only patented in China, the patentee only has exclusive or exclusive rights in China. It is precisely for this reason that more and more enterprises are starting to apply for international patents, which naturally cannot be separated from translation services. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will share with you the details that need to be paid attention to when providing patent translation services.

Firstly, when providing patent translation services, it is necessary to understand the abstract content of the patent document. It can be said that this is a microcosm of the entire patent document. If you cannot even grasp and understand the meaning of the patent abstract content, you will naturally not be able to understand the content of the patent, let alone be competent in patent translation work. Additionally, when providing patent translation services, it is important to avoid colloquialism and demonstrate strong professionalism.

Secondly, it is necessary to master certain translation skills when providing patent translation services. For example, for English patent translation, it often involves many long sentences. At this point, it is necessary to know how to break sentences. If such translation techniques cannot be flexibly applied, it will greatly increase the difficulty of translation and even fail to complete the translation task. Only by flexibly applying these translation techniques can the meaning of a sentence be fully expressed and appropriately polished.

Finally, when providing patent translation services, it is necessary to be faithful to the original text, ensure the professionalism of vocabulary, and have strict confidentiality obligations. As mentioned earlier, patent translation not only involves professional terminology, but also involves legal terminology. Therefore, strict word selection is necessary during the translation process to ensure accurate use of words. Patent translation also requires fidelity to the original text, without unauthorized modification of the original text, and without ambiguous expressions. As for the obligation of confidentiality, this should be the fundamental quality that every translator possesses and the foundation of the translation industry.

The above is the relevant sharing from Artlangs Translation Company, hoping to be helpful to everyone. We also hope that when choosing patent translation services, everyone can choose to cooperate with professional and legitimate translation companies, and not cause unnecessary losses due to greed for temporary benefits.

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