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About ARTLANGS >News >How difficult is interpretation service?

How difficult is interpretation service?

When it comes to translation services, Artlangs Translator immediately comes to mind the lyrics of Huang Xiaohu's "Not That Simple, You Can Find a Friend to Chat with.". Similarly, translation services are not as easy and harmonious as outsiders may see, especially interpretation services, which require more than ten times the effort. Today, Artlangs Translation will briefly introduce to you what sections of interpretation services are divided into.

Firstly, according to the different modes of interpretation, it can be roughly divided into four modules: whispering interpretation, continuous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation. Among them, whispering interpretation, also known as "ear biting" translation. "It refers to gently interpreting the content of one party's speech to the other party in a whisper. This interpretation mode typically occurs during meetings where foreign guests are accompanied to watch literary and artistic performances or do not have voice equipment. The target audience for interpretation is usually the head of state or senior government officials.".

Secondly, continuous interpretation is a single interpretation method that conveys information to speakers in sentences or paragraphs. It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as speeches, speeches, lectures, high-level meetings, and press conferences. Another type of interpretation is alternate interpretation, which refers to simultaneous interpretation by interpreters in two languages, but not in different languages. This interpretation mode is widely used and is commonly used in business negotiations and banquets.

The last type of interpretation is simultaneous interpretation, which is known as standing at the top of the "pyramid" of interpretation services. It is the most difficult and charming type of interpretation services. Its working mode is that interpreters translate the content of their speeches to the audience almost synchronously without interrupting the speaker's speech. It can be understood with a simple thought that simultaneous interpretation requires not only a strong knowledge reserve and language talent, More importantly, there should be a "big heart" that stays calm in the face of danger.

The above is a simple sharing of Artlangs Translation. In fact, translation services are not like "microphones" that some people believe exist. It is like a bridge between two or more different languages. It is a very honored profession. As a member of the translation industry, Artlangs Translation is very honored. As a member of the translation market, Artlangs Translation always keeps in mind its original intention and perseveres in providing high-quality translation services.

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