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About ARTLANGS >News >How to identify the formality of a translation company? Look at these four steps

How to identify the formality of a translation company? Look at these four steps

Since the beginning of reform and opening up, China has been moving closer to the world and letting the world know us. In today's era of internationalization and globalization, China has a weighty position on the world stage. Many international friends and foreign business owners have come to China to stop or start businesses, but due to cultural differences, language communication naturally encounters obstacles.

In this wave of frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries, the Chinese translation market has ushered in a favorable opportunity, and many translation companies have been established. Among them, there are some opportunists who have a fluke mentality. They do not want to deeply cultivate in the translation market, but want to seek benefits in this "blue ocean". For customers, how should we distinguish such a mercenary translation company? Today, Artlangs Translation will briefly introduce a way to identify whether a translation company is formal or not.

Generally, formal and professional translation companies have a corresponding process for undertaking translation projects, and the process is clear and transparent, without ambiguity. The general process is divided into four steps, namely:

1. Provide reasonable solutions and reach consensus based on project requirements. When undertaking a project, a formal translation company does not rush to provide a quotation to the customer, but rather, after understanding the actual needs of the customer and the specific content of the project, issues a feasible and reasonable solution for the customer to choose from. The customer determines the final solution after review and evaluation.

After selecting suitable translators and signing the contract project plan, the translation company matches corresponding translators according to the customer's requirements. The customer selects the translators based on their resumes and relevant translation experience. After the customer selects, the translation company can assist the customer in conducting a trial translation of the translators according to their actual needs. After the final determination, a formal contract with legal effect is signed, and relevant confidentiality agreements are signed as needed.

On the eve of the project, both parties reconfirmed the agreed matters. A regular translation company will assist the translator in reconfirming to the client whether there are any recent changes to the content agreed upon in the contract before the project is launched. After confirmation, the translator can continue with the translation task. From the perspective of Artlangs Translation, this is very necessary. If the client makes a temporary change and the interpreter does not know it in time, it will definitely affect the translation task and even cause losses to the client.

4. After sales service guarantee is an essential content for a regular translation company, which not only reflects the humanistic care of the translation company, but also is the final inspection of the translation company itself. Through customer feedback, problems in project implementation can be timely identified and resolved. For customers, it is also a reassurance and guarantee.

The above is the project acceptance process of a regular translation company, which may vary from one translation company to another, but the overall framework remains unchanged. If a translation company makes a hasty quotation without asking about the project content, and it is far below the market price, then the company must be a mercenary translation company, and must not be blindfolded by malicious low prices, resulting in greater losses.

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