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What is a formal translation company? Meet these 4 points

With the rapid development of the economy and the deepening of reform and opening up to the outside world, China has emerged as a huge translation market. In the context of this huge translation market, many translation companies have been established one after another. Up to now, there have been thousands of translation companies registered in China, and the number of translation practitioners has early broken through the million mark, which seems to be a huge number, but professional translation companies and professional translation talents are still very scarce.

A few days ago, a client who came to cooperate with me poured out bitterness and told me about his experience of being trapped. This client had previously sought out a translation company, which offered very strong discounts, and the client was naturally willing to cooperate. However, when the client received the translation, the quality of the translation was not impressive, even worse than machine translation. When the client approached them for theory, they either ignored it or did not answer the phone. After listening to customers' complaints, Artlangs Translation can't help but sigh at the current translation market, which is really too "deep". Today, Artlangs Translation will briefly summarize the qualifications that regular translation companies should possess.

First of all, the establishment and registration time of a translation company, as well as the company's registration period, are directly proportional to the services provided by the translation service company and the translation quality. If there is no translation company with a short establishment period, then the service strength is naturally limited. Generally, a translation company established for more than 5 years can accumulate sufficient translation experience and sufficient translator resources to ensure the service and quality of translation.

Secondly, the cooperative client cases of translation companies are the most direct evidence of a translation company's strength, especially the cooperative clients of some industry leading enterprises and benchmark enterprises. Generally, cooperative clients of this size have strict requirements for translation quality and translation services. The strength and professionalism of a translation company with such cooperative clients must be beyond doubt.

Moreover, the service processes of translation companies generally fall into four categories: business teams, project teams, proofreading teams, and after-sales teams. Only by having a complete set of service processes can translation services and quality be controlled at all levels. Although the specific division of labor of each translation company is different, they are generally not poor. If a translation company's translation service process is not yet complete, the quality of translation must be worrying.

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning, although China's translation market is huge, translation talents are very scarce, and most of them are concentrated in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Based on the current translation market, most translation companies and translators cooperate on a part-time basis, and some deep-rooted translation companies have begun to consciously cultivate their own translation bases. Translators who have received systematic training will become more skilled in handling translation projects. Generally speaking, the more full-time translators a company has, the higher the quality of translation.

The above is the summary of Artlangs Translation. In fact, in order to identify the legitimacy of translation companies, in addition to the references mentioned above, there is also a more direct point: remember that "one price, one product". In the translation industry, there is no such thing as low prices and high quality. Those translation companies that hold the banner of malicious low prices have always been mercenary, rather than determined to deepen their efforts in the translation industry.

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