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About ARTLANGS >News >What are the factors that affect the translation quotation of the financial audit report?

What are the factors that affect the translation quotation of the financial audit report?

Since the "the Belt and Road" policy, China's economy has developed more and more rapidly. Many domestic enterprises have deployed overseas to open overseas markets, and many international enterprises have come to China. Whether domestic enterprises go abroad or overseas enterprises are introduced, when reaching cooperation or determining investment, they need to carry out investigation and analysis, which can directly reflect the operation status of an enterprise, of course, is the financial audit report of the enterprise.

The financial audit report is a report issued by a certified public accountant of an accounting firm with audit qualification on whether the basic work of enterprise accounting, namely, measurement, bookkeeping, accounting, accounting files and other accounting work conform to the accounting system, and whether the internal control system of the enterprise is sound, and is an objective evaluation made after a comprehensive review of financial revenue and expenditure, operating results and economic activities. Due to the frequent Sino-foreign cooperation, there is an increasing demand for the translation of the financial audit report. Today, Artlangs Translation wants to briefly tell you about the charging standard for the translation of the financial audit report.

First, the amount of translation content determines the cost of translation of the financial audit report. Most domestic translation companies charge for translation projects according to the number of words per thousand Chinese characters. If the number of translated words is large, the cost will be high. When the number of translated words reaches a certain level, the translation companies will give certain advantages. However, in general, the number of translated words directly determines the cost of translation of the financial audit report.

Secondly, the scarcity of translation languages also has a great impact on the cost of financial audit report translation. We all know that "rare things are precious", and the translation industry is no exception. For languages such as English and Japanese, which are frequently used and have a large number of learners, the translation price is naturally more people-friendly. For rare languages such as Lao and Portuguese, which are used and studied less, the price will naturally be much higher, which is beyond reproach.

Finally, the time period of translation will also have an impact on the cost of translation of the financial audit report. As the saying goes, "time is money." For example, the originally agreed time is one week, but the plan is temporarily changed, and needs to be completed 4 days in advance. Then this needs to be expedited, which will naturally generate the corresponding labor and time costs, and the costs will naturally rise, which is the same law.

Artlangs Translator reminds you that regular translation companies will be open and transparent in their quotations. There will be no cheating on consumers, no hidden consumption, and no shoddy goods. For them, corporate credit and translation quality are above all. As for the translation companies, they will not take these into account. Therefore, Artlangs Translation solemnly reminds you that when translating the financial audit report, you must choose a formal and professional translation company to cooperate.

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