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About ARTLANGS >News >What should we pay attention to in the process of financial translation?

What should we pay attention to in the process of financial translation?

The financial industry refers to banks and related capital cooperatives, as well as the insurance industry. In addition to industrial economic activities, other economic related industries are referred to as the financial industry, including banking, insurance, trust, securities and leasing industries. Since 1979, China has carried out institutional reform on the financial industry, and gradually formed a modern financial system with banks as the main body, the central bank as the core, and various banks and non-bank financial institutions coexisting.

With the deepening of reform and opening up to the outside world, there are more and more economic exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries. During the period of exchange and cooperation, financial translation also plays a crucial role. Today, Artlangs translation is a simple science popularization. What should be paid attention to in the process of financial translation.

First of all, financial translation requires high professionalism. As mentioned earlier, the financial industry covers a wide range, and there are a lot of professional terms and terms in each category. These professional terms and terms must be professional and rigorous in translation. Take the bank credit business for example, the words "guarantee, swap, collection and payment commitment, redemption" involved in it have special and fixed translation methods. It can be seen that the financial industry is highly professional, so the professional requirements for translation are also very high.

Secondly, financial translation requires strict translation of details. The financial industry is mostly the exchange of money and currency, which will naturally encounter many numbers. Although the translation of numbers is slightly less difficult, it is the most prone to errors. Sometimes a decimal point or the error of currency symbols will cause great losses. Therefore, when doing financial translation, the translator must be careful and not be slack.

Finally, financial translation requires high confidentiality. The financial industry originally belongs to the field with high confidentiality requirements. Sometimes a small leak will bring great losses. Therefore, the financial industry has confidentiality requirements for all links, and financial translation is no exception. Generally, before cooperation, translation companies and translators should sign corresponding confidentiality agreements, and also require translators to have high professional ethics.

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