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About ARTLANGS >News >What do you need to know when translating bidding documents?

What do you need to know when translating bidding documents?

What is a bid? The bid is not only a legally effective and enforceable standard document of bidding behavior to be followed by the procurement parties during the bidding process, but also the basis for the bidders to prepare their bids. The most prominent feature of the bid is its strong logic. Therefore, when making the bid, it should not be inconsistent and ambiguous, and the language must be concise and brief.

With the continuous development of the economy towards globalization, bidding has become a common means of trade. Many large international cooperation is completed through bidding, and the competition is extremely fierce. For transnational bidding, the translation of bidding documents is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, enterprises need to prepare two languages when conducting international bidding projects, even if the language is not required to be English, It should also be translated into English for backup. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly tell you about the translation of bidding documents.

First of all, Artlangs Translation Company will introduce the industries involved in bid translation, generally including machinery, electronics, chemicals, medicine, petroleum, automobile and other fields. In addition to the importance of bids in the bidding process, bid translation must express all the wishes of bidders without omission. Bid translation is the combination of legal translation and commercial translation, because there are all kinds of invitations and commitments with the nature of legal offer in the bid, At the same time, in order to comprehensively introduce yourself and win the trust and favor of the bidders, we should not only be strict in the translation process, but also use influential business language.

Secondly, Artlangs Translation Company introduces the principles of bid translation, which are the principles of comprehensively reflecting the needs of the user, the principles of science and rationality, the principles of terminology, vocabulary specialization, and unification, and the principles of safeguarding the bidder's trade secrets and national interests. Specifically, the bidder shall complete the commercial bid, technical bid, bid list and bid price list provided in the bidding documents, and also indicate the project name, bidding number, address of the bidder and the words "confidential" on the cover of the document.

Finally, Artlangs Translation Company should make it clear that bid translation is a highly technical work, with high requirements for details such as bid format. In the process of translation, we must be faithful to the original text, give priority to the interests of the enterprise, and fully and accurately reflect the needs of the enterprise. It can be seen from this that we must find professional and regular translation companies to translate bidding documents.

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