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About ARTLANGS >News >What should I pay attention to when doing sports translation?

What should I pay attention to when doing sports translation?

Since the reform and opening up, China has gradually entered a new period of prosperity. Sports have also played an increasingly important role in the development of Chinese society. Major sports events have become a window for China to communicate with the world and display its own culture and national strength. In the process of communication and display, due to the difference of language, it is necessary to conduct localized translation and subtitle translation for sports events. Compared with other translation types, sports translation is very different, and has higher requirements for sports translators. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly talk about what should be paid attention to when doing sports translation.

First of all, when doing sports translation, translators need to have excellent language skills and sharp reaction speed. In the view of Artlangs Translation Company, excellent language ability is a necessary professional quality as a translator, and sports is an industry that competes with speed and strength, and the intensity of the competition is even more incomparable than that of the conventional industry. This requires that translators must have excellent translation ability, and only with agile translation speed can they match the ever-changing sports situation. In general, to do a good job in sports translation, it needs not only a solid language foundation, but also a high ability of expression and quick response.

Secondly, when doing sports translation, translators need to have high professional quality in sports. An excellent sports translator will imagine himself as a professional athlete in his work, and even maintain the same level and level as an athlete. In this way, the translator can not only adapt to the rhythm of athletes' high-intensity training, but also clearly understand and interpret the sports situation in the ever-changing sports field. For example, in basketball games, It can be seen that the technical actions of the players and the tactics of the coaches need to be built on the premise of high professional quality to correctly interpret and explain the fleeting wonderful moments.

Finally, when doing sports translation, we need to understand the terminology and sentence characteristics of sports industry. The sports major and other industries have the same thing, that is, the sports major will also have a lot of industry terms, and have a strong professionalism. Therefore, when doing sports translation, the translator must have a relatively skilled grasp of sports professional terms. Another point is that the sentence pattern in sports translation has a strong uniqueness. It often uses short and concise sentence patterns such as imperative sentences, declarative sentences, ellipsis sentences, and the sentence pattern is simple and clear, Long sentences are rarely used, and the characteristics of colloquialism are very obvious. Therefore, in the process of translation, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the characteristics of sentence patterns.

The above is the relevant introduction of sports translation by Artlangs Translation Company. I hope it can help you. When choosing sports translation service providers, we must choose formal and professional translation companies, which will be more secure.

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