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About ARTLANGS >News >What are the factors that affect the quality of translation?

What are the factors that affect the quality of translation?

For enterprises, quality is the lifeline, especially for the translation industry. Only by paying attention to translation quality can we stand out from the fierce competition. But what is translation quality? What is the standard of translation quality? Yan Fu, a translator in the Qing Dynasty, put forward the translation criteria of "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance", and Nida, an American translator, put forward the theory of "functional equivalence". It is undeniable that these theories have produced strong guiding significance for translation practice.

In the view of  Artlangs  Translation Company, the translation industry is gradually entering industrialization, and into a large-scale multi-person collaborative production mode. The criteria for evaluating translation quality are also quietly changing. In this translation mode, the factors that affect translation quality are becoming more and more. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly talk about the factors that affect translation quality.

First of all, text factors will affect the quality of translation. To take the simplest example, the semantic ambiguity in the translated text is intentional or unintentional, different people have different understandings, and the syntax is too complex, and the translator needs to reorganize and transform... These semantic obstacles will affect the quality of translation.

When encountering different grammatical categories, different grammatical rules and different grammatical structures, the translator has to add or delete the information of the original text. It is inevitable that the added or deleted translation will be different from the original text. In addition, the way of expression, style and style of the translation will have an impact on the quality of translation.

Secondly, cultural factors will affect the quality of translation. We know that each country and nation has its own unique cultural background, and the cultural differences between each other are carried in their own languages. For example, we are used to saying "the moon of the 15th", but in the West, the Gregorian calendar is used, so it is difficult to understand the translation of "the fifth moon". Therefore, a correct understanding of the cultural connotation of the original text and an analysis of the cultural differences between the source language and the target language are the prerequisites for achieving equivalent translation.

Finally, translators will have an impact on the quality of translation. Artlangs Translation Company believes that the result of translation depends largely on the translator. The translator has his own interests, hobbies, advantages, language ability and language experience, which will have a certain impact on the translation result. Generally speaking, the stronger the translator's problem-solving ability, the higher the comprehensive quality, the higher the equivalence of translation, and the more guaranteed the translation quality.

The above is the brief introduction of Artlangs Translation Company about translation quality. Regardless of these factors, finding a formal, professional and reputable translation company can guarantee translation quality to the greatest extent. For such translation companies, high quality depends on survival capital. What do you think?

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