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About ARTLANGS >News >When performing technical interpretation services, we should pay attention to these points

When performing technical interpretation services, we should pay attention to these points

It is true that interpretation is a kind of translation activity, which refers to the way in which the interpreter converts the "target language" into the target language in an oral way. Technical interpretation is a kind of translation activity with higher requirements. It requires interpreters not only to have basic interpretation ability, but also to have good psychological quality, at the same time, they must master a variety of professional knowledge, and have quick response ability and strong professional ethics. Today, Beijing Translation Company will share with you what needs to be done when providing technical interpretation services.

First of all, when providing technical interpretation services, we should be fully prepared. Only when we have a clear mind can we have a smooth mind and give full play to our due level. Generally, you can first understand the purpose and content of the meeting, and then understand the relevant vocabulary, professional knowledge, technical terms, and some commonly used oral sentence patterns. At the same time, try to create opportunities to contact with foreign guests in advance, gradually adapt to their accent, and often reduce the psychological pressure of translating for familiar foreign guests. In addition, at the beginning of the meeting, you should hold your breath and carefully record. When translating the expression, you should adjust your speaking speed slightly slower than usual, and gradually calm yourself down.

Secondly, when providing technical interpretation services, we should also put down the psychological burden, establish absolute confidence and overcome the mentality of worrying about gains and losses. When many interpreters just started to interpret for various meetings, they would feel nervous every time they saw their peers present, and they were often afraid of making mistakes in front of their peers and losing face. In fact, in retrospect, this is a good opportunity to improve translation skills through peer experts' testimony. At the same time, you can also ask your peers for advice when you encounter difficult problems or translation errors, so as to improve your translation level. Therefore, even if there are peers or senior leaders present, we should strive to be clear, responsive, courageous and confident.

Finally, when providing technical interpretation services, we need to be flexible and have strong professional ethics. Interpretation is a job of transmitting information. This transmission should be objective, faithful and comprehensive. In the process of translation, translators should not add their own subjective opinions and opinions, or add or subtract the translated content at will.

On the other hand, technical interpretation is not a mechanically rigid process. He is not passive and passive in his work. He cannot hold the idea that "I am only responsible for translating the conversations of both sides, and the rest has nothing to do with me". Instead, he should give full play to the advantages of both sides and create and use positive factors conducive to promoting mutual understanding. This requires the interpreter to pay attention to the reaction of both sides of the conversation at the work site. When the listener fails to understand, he/she should change the words and sentence structure in time, or supplement and explain with the consent of the speaker. In case of confrontational and aggressive language, some flexible handling methods should be adopted.

The above is the relevant sharing of Beijing Translation Company. I hope it can help you in selecting technical interpretation services. At the same time, I hope you can choose to cooperate with formal and professional translation companies, so as to maximize the quality of technical interpretation services.

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