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About ARTLANGS >News >How do professional translation companies ensure the quality of service?

How do professional translation companies ensure the quality of service?

You should know that a translation company is a commercial organization engaged in providing various language translation services for enterprises, institutions or individuals. With the development of reform and opening up in China, cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between China and foreign countries have become more and more extensive, and the demand for translation has also increased, and translation companies have sprung up like mushrooms. However, looking at the outstanding enterprises in various industries at home and abroad, it is not difficult to find that all successful cases have something in common, that is, all for the sake of customers.

It is not difficult to find that there are not a few enterprises with such a banner. But how many enterprises under such a beautiful coat can truly live up to the name? This is especially true for the translation industry. For translation companies, the pursuit of high-quality service is the same goal. High-quality translation work means saving customers' time and energy. Today, Beijing Translation Company will share with you how professional translation companies ensure high-quality services.

The first is translation project analysis. Customers can send the manuscripts that need to be translated through online delivery, fax, e-mail or express delivery. Of course, you are welcome to come directly. If the number of words in the manuscript reaches a certain level, Beijing Translation Company can also send salesmen to collect the manuscript free of charge. After receiving the manuscript, Beijing Translation Company will arrange the translators to conduct a preliminary analysis of the received manuscript to determine the nature and difficulty of the manuscript, and on this basis, in combination with the specific requirements put forward by the customer, estimate the approximate number of words, translation costs and delivery time of the manuscript. After reaching the cooperation intention, both parties will sign an agreement on translation matters.

The second is to set up a translation team and arrange competent translators to undertake the project. The team members are composed of translators of relevant disciplines selected according to the professional characteristics and difficulty of the manuscript, and a project manager with rich translation experience is assigned to coordinate the whole quality control process. In the process of translation, in order to ensure high-quality translation and the consistency of the whole translation in terms of language style and professional terminology, the project manager will establish a complete professional vocabulary management system, and will be responsible for coordinating the whole translation process to ensure the quality, efficiency and consistency of the translation work.

Then it is to arrange proofreading personnel for professional proofreading and polishing. After the completion of the first draft, the translated manuscript will be professionally proofread by translation reviewers with many years of practical experience. In addition, a senior translator who is proficient in the language will be assigned to conduct the second proofreading, focusing on whether the words are accurate and consistent and whether the language expression is authentic and coherent. Because the process of translation is not a test that requires high marks at one time, but a test that requires full marks. Any negligence in translation will damage the interests of customers.

Finally, deliver the manuscript and provide follow-up after-sales service. After the completion of the translation work, Beijing Translation Company will properly handle the client's manuscript (including fax, photocopy and data format file) according to the client's requirements or the confidentiality management method developed by the company to meet the client's requirements on document confidentiality. There is also a tracking translation service for manuscripts. Customers can contact at any time if they have any questions about the contents of manuscripts.

The above is the relevant sharing of Beijing Translation Company. I hope it can help you. I also hope that you can choose to cooperate with professional and regular translation companies when selecting translation services, so as to avoid serious consequences caused by greedy for temporary gains and losses.

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