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About ARTLANGS >News >What standards do excellent exhibition translators have?

What standards do excellent exhibition translators have?

You may not know that exhibition is the abbreviation of collective commercial or non-commercial activities such as conferences, exhibitions, large-scale events, etc. In a narrow sense, exhibition only refers to exhibitions and conferences; In a broad sense, exhibition is a general term for conferences, exhibitions, festivals and exhibitions related to various industries/industries. With the deepening of Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation and the unique advantages of the domestic nutrition environment, more and more foreign enterprises come to China, and there are also many high-quality goods sold abroad.

Compared with other promotion methods, exhibition activities can increase mutual communication and understanding between people from different regions, cultural backgrounds, and traditional customs, eliminate communication barriers, expand consensus, create conditions for cross regional, cross cultural, cross ethnic, and cross link circulation of products, and facilitate supply realization and supply creation.

For the vast majority of enterprises, opening exhibitions will show their products to the public. As an on-site interpreter, they are exposed to people at all levels. They need to communicate with many people during their work. As an excellent exhibition interpreter, they must be strict in their work to establish a good image in the exhibition. Today, Beijing Translation Company will introduce to you what standards need to be met as a translator at the exhibition site.

First of all, excellent exhibition translators need to speak slowly. Translators should not speak too fast when translating products in the process of translation, and must ensure that everyone who listens can hear their own interpretation clearly. At the same time, the volume should be loud enough when speaking, and try to express your meaning in the most natural way. At the same time, we should express the content clearly and speak efficiently, which should be one of the basic qualities of an excellent interpreter.

Secondly, excellent exhibition translators need to be polite. Since the guests at the exhibition are all different people at different levels, and the quality of the interpreters is also different, no one can be sure what the questions raised by these people at the exhibition are. At this time, exhibition interpreters are required to treat people politely when contacting with them. Therefore, when faced with unreasonable requirements, they should politely refuse, and never do anything detrimental to the corporate image in the exhibition, which is naturally the most basic professional quality of becoming an excellent interpreter.

Finally, excellent exhibition translators should behave appropriately and dress appropriately. As an exhibition interpreter, it is my duty to translate well at the exhibition. Even I am very interested in the contents of the exhibition. I feel novel about many decorations in the exhibition. I need to pay attention to whether my behavior is proper. Moreover, as the interpreter of the exhibition, he represents the image of the exhibition party and contacts people who are beneficial to the future development of the enterprise. Therefore, when facing the public, he must dress generously and appropriately, so that he will leave a good impression no matter when.

The above is the relevant sharing of Beijing Translation Company. I hope it can help you in selecting exhibition translators. I also hope that you can choose to cooperate with professional and regular exhibition translation companies to avoid being deceived.

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