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About ARTLANGS >News >What should I pay attention to when doing Arabic translation?

What should I pay attention to when doing Arabic translation?

Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family - Semitic language family, and its global users account for 6% of the total population. It is written from right to left and is mainly used in West Asia and North Africa. It is now the official language of 18 Arab countries and 4 international organizations. With the increasingly frequent cooperation between China and foreign countries, especially since the the Belt and Road, the communication with West Asia and North Africa has become more frequent, so the work of Arabic translation has become more important.

In the view of Artlangs Translation Company, Arabic translation is different from other translation languages. It has some translation skills. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly talk about Arabic translation skills.

First of all, pay attention to the word order of time objects when doing Arabic translation. We know that the word order of Chinese is different from that of Arabic. The tense and other components of the verb are in front of the verb in Chinese, while the tense of the verb in Arabic, the object and other additional components are usually behind the verb. Only because the semantic relationship between the sentence components mainly depends on word deformation and the use of tool words, the word order is relatively flexible, and the secondary components of the sentence in Arabic are in advance, in addition to rhetoric needs, It also often avoids semantic confusion because of the long sentences and complex structures.

Secondly, when doing Arabic translation, we should pay attention to the translation of Chinese repetitive words. The so-called Chinese word repetition refers to the repeated use of the same word or structure in the same sentence or adjacent sentences, which is related to the characteristics of Chinese. Chinese often realizes the coordination and balance of syllables and sentences through the repetition of words and structures.

However, the connection of Arabic mainly depends on the use of pronouns, various tool words and synonyms. Unless specifically emphasized, it will appear redundant and monotonous. In the authentic Arabic language, you can hardly see the repetition of words like Chinese. Therefore, when doing Arabic translation, we should pay attention to the differences between the two languages, adopt appropriate methods, and try to avoid repetition of words in the translation.

Finally, Artlangs Translation Company wants to say that when doing Arabic translation, we should respect both the original text and the translation. The so-called faithfulness to the original text is not rigid, because there are many differences between languages and cultures. It is very undesirable and difficult to be completely faithful to the original text, so we must use translation skills flexibly in the process of translation.

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