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About ARTLANGS >News >What is the charging standard for Japanese interpretation service?

What is the charging standard for Japanese interpretation service?

Compared with previous years, the cooperation and trade exchanges between China and Japan have increased significantly. For example, in some international exhibitions, business visits, cooperation negotiations and other activities, the two sides have certain obstacles in language communication. Although Japanese and ancient Chinese have certain origins, after all, after so many years of evolution, they have become relatively independent language systems. When it comes to translation, Artlangs Translation Company knows that most people are more concerned about the price of translation and the charging standard of translation. Today, Artlangs Translation Company takes Japanese translation as an example to briefly explain the charging standard of Japanese translation.

First of all, Artlangs Translation Company will introduce the scope of Japanese interpretation services, which generally include business escort or travel escort, or various foreign affairs activities of various enterprises and institutions such as state organs, schools, foreign-related units, foreign-funded enterprises, and other enterprises, as well as business visit reception, foreign visit reception, and daily life communication. It is precisely because of the different purposes of interpretation, its translation prices will also vary. Here, Artlangs Translation Company offers a reasonable price range for reference only. Generally speaking, the Japanese translation for ordinary escorts, tours and tours starts from 700 yuan, the Japanese translation for business visits and negotiations starts from 1000 yuan, and the Japanese translation for international exchanges and high-end exhibitions starts from 2000 yuan. As for the accurate translation price, it needs to be considered in combination with the actual situation and the professional level of the accompanying translators.

Secondly, Artlangs Translation Company is focusing on Japanese simultaneous interpretation services. The so-called simultaneous interpretation refers to a translation method in which the simultaneous interpreter continuously interprets the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. The simultaneous interpreter provides instant translation through special equipment. This method is applicable to large-scale seminars and international conferences, and is usually carried out by rotation of two to three interpreters.

The biggest feature of simultaneous interpretation is its high efficiency. At the same time, its professionalism and academic nature are a test of the physical and mental strength of the interpreter. Simultaneous interpretation does not take up meeting time and is widely used in various international situations. Simultaneous interpretation is a very common form of conference translation. As for the price of Japanese simultaneous interpretation, it is generally calculated according to the difficulty of the conference, the field of the conference, and the requirements for interpreters. The price is generally around 5000 yuan/person/day, and the specific price is subject to the actual situation.

Finally, Artlangs Translation Company introduces the work precautions of Japanese interpretation service. Generally speaking, interpreters work 8 hours/day/person per day, and less than 4 hours are calculated as 4 hours; If it is more than 4 hours but less than 8 hours, it shall be calculated as 8 hours; if it is more than 8 hours, it shall be calculated as overtime, and it shall be negotiated in advance; In case of business trip, the accommodation, transportation and safety of the interpreter shall be borne by the customer. The equipment required for simultaneous interpretation shall be leased by itself.

The above is Artlangs Translation Company's introduction of the charging standard for Japanese interpretation services. I hope it can help you. When seeking Japanese interpretation services, you must choose a formal and professional translation company, so that you can spend less money and ensure the quality of translation.

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