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About ARTLANGS >News >What should I pay attention to when translating the birth certificate?

What should I pay attention to when translating the birth certificate?

What is the birth medical certificate of a child? Frankly speaking, it is issued by the hospital where the child was born, which can prove the baby's birth time, sex, place of birth, birth parents, etc. It is a kind of long-term effective proof material and also an effective legal certificate for the baby. When children born abroad return to China to settle down, in addition to individual settlement policies, there is one thing that remains the same, that is, a translation of the birth medical certificate must be provided with a special seal for translation, and the translation and the original need to be stamped with a cross-cutting seal.

The above mentioned requirements for the translation of birth medical certificates also indirectly indicate that when translating birth medical certificates, you must choose a formal, professional and fully qualified translation company, otherwise it is difficult to pass the examination. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly introduce the translation service of birth medical certificate.

First of all, what qualifications should I have to do a translation of birth medical certificate. It should have a special seal for Chinese and English translation and a comparison of Chinese and English company names. In addition, the full name of the Chinese company must have the word "translation", and cannot be translated and sealed with the name of "consulting service, cultural communication, scientific and technological development, information technology company". The full name of the English company must have the words "Translation". It is also necessary to have a filing code. Formal translation companies generally have a "special seal for translation" in Chinese and English registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and specially approved by the Public Security Bureau for authentication of various foreign-related materials. It also conforms to the internationally accepted standards and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the courts, and the consulates of various countries.

Secondly, what is the fee standard for translation of birth medical certificate. The translation of the medical certificate of birth of a child is a foreign-related document translation project. Generally, the fee is charged according to the number of pages. The standard document translation is one page on the front and back. The price for the translation of the medical certificate of birth of a normal child into English is 150 yuan/page, including the translation of the medical certificate of birth of a child, the translation comparison and typesetting, the affixing of the translation seal or official seal, the translation qualification, and the mail. If the language is scarce, the price may be a little expensive, subject to the actual situation.

Finally, what is the general process of translation of birth medical certificate. Generally, the customer can directly send the birth certificate that needs to be translated to the translation company through online transmission, and then the translation company will give a reasonable quotation. After the customer approves the price, the translation company will pay the fee first, and the translation company will arrange the translation. After the translation is completed, the customer can confirm. After confirmation, the translation company will send the paper translation and the corresponding certification qualification by express.

The above is Artlangs Translation Company's introduction to the translation of birth medical certificates. I hope it can help you. If you need translation services, you must find a formal, professional and qualified translation company.

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