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What skills do you need to know when doing scientific translation?

With the rapid development of science and technology, cooperation and exchanges in the field of science and technology between countries are becoming more and more frequent, which is naturally inseparable from the existence of science and technology translation. Compared with other translation types, scientific translation has certain difficulties. For example, in scientific translation, how to accurately translate long sentences in scientific texts is the first problem that translators need to face. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will share with you some tips on scientific translation.

First of all, when doing science and technology translation, we can use the sequential translation method. The so-called sequential translation method is that when judging that the word order and logical structure of the original text are consistent with Chinese, the translator can use the basically consistent order to translate. When translating long sentences, not every long sentence is different from the Chinese structure. When the grammatical structure, word order and logical relationship of sentences are very close to those of Chinese, they can be basically translated according to the word order and logical structure of the original text. Therefore, when using the sequential translation method, the sentences should be divided into units first, and then translated in turn. However, not every word is translated in the order of the original sentence. If it needs to be changed, it should be changed to make it more consistent with the expression habits of the target language.

Secondly, reverse translation can be used in scientific translation. As mentioned above, the sequential translation method can be used in sentences that are very similar to Chinese in word order and logical relationship. However, the chronological order or logical order of some long sentences are often quite different from Chinese, sometimes even the opposite. At this time, the translator needs to change the word order of the original text, or even translate against the order of the original text, so as to make the translation more consistent with the way of Chinese expression. In translation practice, we encounter some situations where the expression of long sentences is not consistent with Chinese habits, so we need to use more inverse translation. Artlangs Translation Company believes that when translating, we must pay attention to the differences between the two languages, and make necessary adjustments to the sentence order, so as to make the translation more smooth and smooth, which is conducive to the accurate and effective transmission of the original information.

Finally, when doing scientific translation, we can use the split translation method. Split translation is a common translation method for long sentences of science and technology. Due to the short sentence structure in Chinese, translators can translate long sentences separately. When the phrase or clause is not closely related to other elements in the sentence, or when the sentence structure of a long sentence is too complex, translating into a long Chinese sentence will appear lengthy, procrastinating and semantic confusion, the translator can use the split translation method, that is, the method of breaking up the whole into parts to make the translation more consistent with the Chinese expression habits. The translator can segment the original sentence according to the meaning group and translate it into several independent Chinese short sentences.

The above are some tips on science and technology translation that Artlangs Translation Company brings to you, hoping to help you. Artlangs Translation Company reminds you to choose a formal and professional translation company when choosing science and technology translation services.

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