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What do you need to know when interpreting meetings?

With the closer trade between China and foreign countries, the frequency of various meetings has greatly increased, and the participants come from countries and regions with different languages. Therefore, the demand for conference interpretation is growing day by day. A successful international conference cannot be separated from the efforts of conference interpreters. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will talk with you about conference interpretation.

First of all, we need to know that conference interpretation has a strong oral, real-time and on-site nature. To be frank, interpretation is oral translation, so we should try to use words and sentences colloquially to facilitate better understanding and communication between the two sides. Moreover, interpretation is a kind of information conversion activity with strong immediacy. Interpreters need to convey information smoothly in a very short time.

In addition, interpretation is on-the-spot, which is a translation activity on the spot and requires strong reaction ability and on-the-spot performance. These three characteristics of interpretation make it impossible for a translator to translate something on paper like a translator, which can be polished after translation and has enough time to speculate on the original text. Interpreting requires the interpreter to correctly understand the speaker's intention in a short time, quickly decode and encode, and then speak in a coherent manner.

Secondly, the notes of conference interpretation should not be complete and should be recorded selectively. What the translator should record is the main points of the speech. By grasping these points, the translator can understand the speaker's intention and meaning. Through these points, we can quickly and accurately reproduce the whole picture of the speech and really play a role in prompting the interpreter. In a word, the key points to be recorded in the translator's notes include two aspects: information points and the logical relationship between information points.

Another point is that conference interpretation is different from translation in that it pursues not "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance" but "rapidity and smoothness". That is to say, translators are required to translate quickly and accurately. Even numbers, dates, names of people, places and other information should be accurate. More importantly, they should be smooth, conform to language expression standards and be easy to understand.

The above is the introduction about conference interpretation by Artlangs Translation Company. I hope it will be helpful to you. It also reminds us that when choosing conference interpretation services, we should be careful not to seek temporary benefits, but to choose professional and formal translation companies for cooperation.

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