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About ARTLANGS >News >What are the factors that affect the contract translation quotation?

What are the factors that affect the contract translation quotation?

At the moment when international trade cooperation is increasingly frequent, many overseas investors come here in droves, and there are also many domestic enterprises exploring overseas markets. In the process of these cooperation, it is natural to have contracts signed. A contract is an agreement between civil subjects to establish, change and terminate civil legal relations. And legally established contracts are protected by law. However, in international trade, because of language differences, contracts need to be translated into corresponding languages, and the importance of contract translation is self-evident. Today, Artlangs Translation Company wants to talk with you about the quotation of contract translation. What are the factors that affect the price of contract translation?

First of all, Artlangs Translation Company should emphasize that contract translation is different from certificate translation, and it is normal for the price to fluctuate. To take a simple example, the account book translation, ID card translation and graduation certificate translation in the certificate translation have a fixed template and a few professional words. However, the contract translation is full of various terms, and the contract has legal effect, so the contract translation must be rigorous and accurate. If you want to achieve these two points, you need professional translators, and the price will naturally be higher.

Secondly, Artlangs Translation Company tells us that various tables and charts often appear in contract translation, because their appearance will increase the workload of translators, and they need to re create tables, drawings and typesetting, which requires more labor costs. In particular, if some scanned documents need to be translated, the workload will be greater. Therefore, the price fluctuation of contract translation is directly related to these.

Finally, Artlangs Translation Company tells us that when translating contracts, different languages will directly lead to different prices. It is the so-called "rare things are precious". Compared with English, Japanese, Korean and other common languages, Lao, Portuguese and other languages are very scarce, and their prices will naturally be higher. In general, the price of contract translation is not fixed. There are many factors that can cause the price of contract translation to fluctuate. Therefore, as long as the contract translation quotation given by the translation company is open and transparent, cooperation is possible.

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