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About ARTLANGS >News >What do you know about Spanish translation?

What do you know about Spanish translation?

As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish is ranked by the number of first language users, with about 437 million people using it as their mother tongue, second only to Chinese. Spanish is also one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. Compared with other languages, all nouns in Spanish are divided into masculine and feminine, and verbs need to be changed according to the person of the subject, and the pronunciation of letters in Spanish is relatively simple.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that most people are unfamiliar with Spanish. However, with the continuous expansion of Sino-foreign trade, Spanish translation has become an indispensable part of trade exchanges. Today, Artlangs Translation Co., Ltd. Let me tell you about Spanish.

First of all, in the opinion of Artlangs Translation Company, Spanish and Chinese are two languages ​​with different expression habits. In Spanish, a certain verb or a certain sentence component is generally used to express information, while in Chinese, another kind of expression is used. Expression of parts of speech and sentence components. For example, nouns in Spanish, especially gerunds, are used more, and verbs in Chinese have more functions than nouns, so verbs are used more frequently.

This difference in expression habits also makes it necessary to have a strong ability to generate Chinese when doing Spanish translation, and to properly convert the parts of speech and various components of nouns in the play, so that the translation conforms to the expression habits of the target language. .

Secondly, Artlangs Translation Company believes that when doing Spanish translation, it must not be rude. If the translation process is rigid, it will definitely make the translation obscure and difficult to understand. In general, the part-of-speech conversion method can be used, that is, nouns are replaced by verbs, adjectives are replaced by verbs, adjectives are replaced by adverbs, verbs are replaced by adverbs, etc., which can ensure a smoother translation, but when using this translation technique, Be sure to stay true to the original text.

Finally, in the opinion of Artlangs Translation Company, to ensure the quality of Spanish translation, it is necessary to carry out the review process. Many regular translation companies attach great importance to proofreading. Generally, there are two methods of self proofreading and other proofreading. Through proofreading, the quality of translation can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, which is very important.

The above is the introduction of Artlangs Translation Company about Spanish translation. In general, if you want to do a good job in Spanish translation, you need to understand the different expressions of the language, and then use appropriate translation skills to improve efficiency. Review process to ensure translation quality. I hope that the sharing of Artlangs Translation Company can help you when choosing Spanish translation services.

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