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How to choose the right translation company?

With the increasingly close trade between China and foreign countries, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the global economic integration and the "One Belt, One Road" strategic concept have made my country's translation market enter a stage of rapid development, and the target of translation services has gradually expanded to ordinary groups. Facing such a huge translation market, my country's translation companies have sprung up one after another. Because of the rapid development of the translation industry, there are certain drawbacks in the translation market, especially the quality of translation companies is mixed.

In the face of so many translation companies, it is not easy to choose a satisfactory translation company, especially in recent years, due to the imperfect market management system and many misunderstandings of the translation industry by the Chinese, the entire translation market has fallen into Bad money chasing good money" embarrassing situation. Today Artlangs Translation Company would like to share with you how to choose a suitable translation company.

The first is to understand the relevant qualifications and reputation of the translation company. Before signing up with a translation company, it would be wise to ask about its reliability. For example does the translation company have a website? If so, check the information on that site and see what the company is doing by navigating through that "window" to see what services are being offered. Likewise, take advantage of the amazing tools of the internet to find reviews posted by other customers (if any). Would they recommend the agency's services? Are they satisfied? For the same purpose, use the relevant online platform to check the reliability of translation agencies and translators.

The second is to understand the service quality of the translation company. Needless to say, when you contact a translation company, it's because you're looking for high-quality results. This is especially true if your documents will be published, sent to business partners, etc. To ensure reliable results, make sure they entrust your project to translators who specialize in project-related areas. Whether it is business documents, legal documents or medical documents, only experts in the field can provide a perfect translation. Take the time to talk to your project manager and make sure your project is delegated to the right people.

The third is to understand the translation cycle of the translation company. The translation cycle is also a criterion that should be considered. When a client is in desperate need of a translation, some agencies stand out because of their very fast turnaround, thanks to their reliance on a large network of professional translators. Note, however, that "urgency" is not always synonymous with "quality," and if a translation company were to ask its translators to write 5,000 words a day, the quality of the results would be questionable. In this case, the key is to distribute the work among the different translators and then coordinate the end result.

The last thing is to understand the fee standard of the translation company. However, it should be remembered that price is not the most important reference factor. It is precisely because of malicious low-price competition that a large number of non-compliant translation companies flood into the market. Therefore, when choosing translation companies, you must keep your eyes open and not Unnecessary losses due to greed for temporary gain.

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