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About ARTLANGS >News >Accompanying translation services, you need to know these principles

Accompanying translation services, you need to know these principles

  With such frequent international exchanges, translation services play a vital role. Among them, accompanying translation is the most extensive and frequently used translation service. The so-called escort translation refers to the provision of interpretation services in business escort, travel escort and other activities. Common accompanying interpreters include foreign language guides, shopping escorts, travel interpreters, business interpreters, etc.

  Compared with the simultaneous interpretation service, the difficulty and requirements of accompanying translation are relatively low. However, if you want to be competent in accompanying translation, you need pure pronunciation, strong oral expression and communication skills, and ensure that the translation is accurate, fluent, and has a strong ability to communicate. Strong sense of service and sense of responsibility, but also need to accumulate a lot of business and tourism knowledge. In addition, Artlangs Translation Company believes that it is also necessary to follow the relevant guidelines for accompanying translations.

  First of all, if you want to do a good job in accompanying translation, you must follow the appropriate guidelines. To put it bluntly, in the process of translation, it is not only necessary to convey the content of the speaker's speech, but also to know how to appropriately reduce the translation of content that is harmful to others and increase the content of beneficial. Of course, this must be based on the premise of not changing the overall meaning. Down. After all, interpretation is the key to promoting communication and a way of communication, so we must pay attention to proper translation guidelines.

  Secondly, if you want to do a good job in accompanying translation, you need to follow the humility criterion and the consent criterion. In the process of providing accompanying translation services, care should be taken to avoid the translation of self-praised content, and only modesty can promote smoother communication with each other. If you do not know how to be humble, it will affect the smooth communication. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the differences with the communicators and increase the common ground between them. Being able to do this without changing the overall meaning must also ensure the quality of interpretation and the value and meaning of interpretation.

  Finally, if you want to do a good job in accompanying translation, you also need to follow the guidelines of tolerance. After all, the language habits and grammar of each country are different. If the other party's speech does not conform to their own language habits, it needs to be adjusted appropriately to avoid breaking the translation taboo. In the view of Artlangs Translation Company, this is very important, and it is also what every practitioner must do.

  The above is the relevant introduction about accompanying translation. Although the difficulty and requirements of accompanying translation are not too high, it contains a lot of content. Artlangs Translation Company recommends that you must remember to do your homework in advance before carrying out accompanying translation work. This will ensure better service quality. What do you think?

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