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About ARTLANGS >News >Translation and stamping services, these places need to know

Translation and stamping services, these places need to know

  The so-called translation and stamping service is actually to ensure the consistency of the original and translated documents of foreign-related documents. The embassies and consulates, public security bureaus, industrial and commercial bureaus, foreign exchange bureaus, tax bureaus, labor bureaus, education bureaus, notary offices, marriage registration offices, etc. State organs and units need the seal certification service of a qualified translation company when handling the relevant registration business.

  In other words, a translation agency officially registered by the People's Republic of China Administration for Industry and Commerce or an agency qualified to operate translation services accurately translates the documents entrusted by the client and affixes the seal of the translation agency to the printed document. That is, the translation seal.

  Artlangs Translation Company needs to emphasize that only professional certified translators can provide certified translations of documents. Accreditation involves the official certification of the translator and the approval or stamping of each page of the document without review. In other words, the certified translation agency guarantees that the quality of the translator's translation is guaranteed by a regular translation company.

  Regarding notarization of translation, it is actually the act of the notary office notarizing the original documents and translations of the client, and issuing relevant notarization certificates to prove that the original text is true and that the content of the translation is consistent with the original text. general speaking. In some cases, customers may require translations to be certified and notarized at the same time, that is, customer documents need to be translated and stamped by a translation agency and then notarized at a notary office, adding an additional layer of certified translations.

  Generally, the translation of degree certificates, graduation certificates or transcripts involved in studying abroad only needs to be certified by the translation agency, and there is no need to go to the notary office for notarization again. However, if it involves immigrant visas, etc., it needs to be translated and certified, then notarized at the notary office, and finally submitted to the corresponding embassy and entry and exit. In addition, the common foreign birth certificate certification after returning to China can be used only after certification by a formal translation agency.

  As for the scope of services involved in translation and stamping, it generally includes various legal documents, contract agreements, inspection and certification and other legal documents; various enterprise and public institutions/company licenses, certificates, certification documents; various personal documents (birth certificate, ID card, household registration) This, marriage certificate [marriage certificate, divorce certificate, marital status certificate, single certificate], passport, driver's license [domestic driver's license, international driver's license], permanent resident certificate ("green card" in various countries, Canadian maple leaf card, immigration paper); various schools Admission notice, academic certificate, degree certificate, graduation certificate, transcript, honorary certificate, technical title/qualification certificate, letter of appointment and other various documents, certificates, certificates, certificates.

  The above is the relevant sharing about translation and stamping services. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In general, when choosing translation and stamping services, you must choose a formal and professional translation company for cooperation.

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