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About ARTLANGS >News >How much is the simultaneous interpretation service charged?

How much is the simultaneous interpretation service charged?

  The so-called simultaneous interpretation actually refers to a translation method in which the interpreter continuously interprets the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. Because of the high efficiency of simultaneous interpretation and the smooth progress of speeches or conferences, 95% of the world's high-end international conferences currently use simultaneous interpretation.

  After the end of World War II, simultaneous interpretation was used for the first time in the trial of fascist war criminals at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal in Germany, which was also the first time in the world that simultaneous interpretation was used in large-scale international events. As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats". It is precisely because of the high efficiency of simultaneous interpretation that the threshold for simultaneous interpretation is also very high. Of course, the income of simultaneous interpreters is not cheap. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly talk about the charging standard of simultaneous interpretation with you.

  First of all, we need to understand that simultaneous interpretation is an extremely difficult interlanguage conversion activity that is strictly limited by time. It requires the interpreter to listen to the source language speech and at the same time, with the help of the existing subject knowledge, in a very short period of time. Complete the prediction, comprehension, memory and conversion of source language information. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor, organize, correct and express the target language, and speak the translation of the target language.

  The biggest feature of simultaneous interpretation is that the speaker speaks continuously, while the translator is translating while listening. The translator only uses the gap between the two sentences of the speaker to complete the translation work, so the requirements for the quality of the translator are very high.

  Secondly, regarding the charging standard for simultaneous interpretation, the normal situation is to charge according to the 8-hour working system. It should also be noted that when the duration of the meeting exceeds 1 hour, more than 2 interpreters are required to rotate translation. As for the specific price, it needs to be calculated comprehensively with reference to the difficulty of simultaneous translation, the field of the conference, the requirements for the interpreter, etc., and also needs to look at the schedule of the interpreter and the real-time quotation of the field. In addition, if there is no simultaneous interpretation equipment at the venue, it is necessary to lease related equipment, and naturally also need to pay the corresponding rent.

  The above is the relevant sharing about simultaneous interpretation, not only simultaneous interpretation, but the quotations of the entire translation industry are not completely fixed, because there are many factors that affect the translation price, such as the difficulty of translation, the scarcity of translation languages, and translation. The type of translation, the period of translation, etc., will affect the final translation price. In order to make the translation quotation more fair and transparent, it is recommended that you choose a formal and professional translation company for cooperation.

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