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About ARTLANGS >News >If you want to be competent in foreign affairs translation work, master these skills

If you want to be competent in foreign affairs translation work, master these skills

  With the increasingly close business and cultural exchanges between my country and other countries, the importance of foreign affairs translation services is highlighted. The so-called foreign affairs translation is actually the oral and situation speeches and documents on various diplomatic and foreign affairs occasions. In foreign affairs, oral and written translation are often used at the same time. Such as negotiations on the establishment of diplomatic relations and negotiations on international conventions, interpreters are required to be able to interpret and implement the content and results of the talks into words, which can become communiqués, conventions, treaty memoranda, agreements, etc. Sometimes the interpretation is done first, and then the documentation is produced. Sometimes, the manuscripts are translated before speeches and speeches, and then they are interpreted on the spot.

  Foreign affairs translation is a window for our country to face the world. As a foreign affairs translation staff, we should always keep in mind our mission, maintain a high degree of political acumen and a clear political position, dedicate ourselves to work, study business, and contribute to the progress of the economy and society. Contribute to the harmonious development of its own strength. So what are the necessary skills for foreign translators? Today, Artlangs Translation Company will share with you what translation skills foreign translators need to have.

  First of all, foreign translators need to follow the standards and principles of translation. Foreign affairs translation should naturally follow a more recognized translation standard, that is, the translation standard of "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance" proposed by Mr. Yan Fu. Many people know the standard of "faithfulness, delicacy and elegance" and think: "Unbelief is mistranslation or mistranslation, failure to be accurate is dead translation or hard translation, and indecentness is that the logical expression of the translated content is unclear." Under the premise of following the translation standards, foreign translators also require to follow the principle of "harmonious" beauty created by translators of past dynasties in my country when they explored the general laws of translation aesthetics and translation activities, that is, to achieve "text" and "quality", The harmonious beauty of translation can be obtained from the unity of opposites such as "faith" and "beauty", "words" and "meaning", "spirit" and "shape", "hua" and "corruption".

  Secondly, foreign translators should also flexibly apply the translation methods of literal translation and free translation. The so-called literal translation is to directly express the information of the original text in another language on the premise of retaining the basic form, image, nationality and regional characteristics of the original text.

  While free translation is to explain translation, we should pay attention to maintaining the meaning of the original text, but it is important to put aside the original words and recombine them in order to achieve the equivalent of the meaning. For some idioms, if you use the literal translation method, others will not see its original meaning. At this time, the free translation method becomes easier to understand. Sometimes it is necessary to combine literal translation and free translation to achieve the effect of both form and spirit.

  As a foreign affairs translator, you must have strong political and policy aspects. Whether it is interpretation or written translation, foreign affairs translation mostly stands on the position and policy of the country. A slight error will affect a country's politics, economy, interests, image, reputation, status and international relations, etc., and will cause irreparable losses to the country and its people. Secondly, foreign affairs translation should have strong timeliness. The biggest feature of interpreting work is the time constraints, requiring interpreters to complete the entire translation process on the spot. The translation work is often time-limited.

  The above content is the necessary skills for foreign translators introduced to you, and I hope it can be helpful to those who want to engage in foreign translation work!

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