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Business letter document translation-business letter translation-business letter data translation

  Commercial letter document translation-Commercial letter, abbreviated as business letter, is called mail advertisement and DM advertisement in foreign countries. This is a form of advertising that uses letters as a medium to deliver commercial information advertisements that customers want to publish directly to the target specified by the customer by mail. Business letter is a letter as a carrier, select the target customer group address to print the package, and then send the letter through the postal channel. Compared with television and other media, the advantage of commercial letters is that they are highly targeted and have a very high "hit rate".

  Business letter document translation-The business letter direct mail marketing law refers to the delivery of a company’s product purchases, investment promotion and other information to the relevant person in charge and end users who can directly make decisions, so as to arouse the recipient’s interest and complete it in other ways Business transactions. This method is rarely used in China, but it has long been widely used in Europe and America. Its advantages are low cost compared with other marketing methods, one-to-one direct effect, and pertinence. For Chinese companies, this is one of the few propaganda methods that can enter the mainstream society without astronomical investment. Since this is a written material, generally Chinese companies do not have offices overseas. China and foreign countries are sometimes different. They do not have employees who are fluent in English, so they can respond to and respond to foreign phone calls at any time. The combination of direct marketing method and database marketing can create a modern, international, digital, and noble corporate image and increase the company's commercial appeal.

  Commercial letters play a role in communication and negotiation and transaction promotion in foreign trade transactions. Therefore, in the translation of business letter documents, not only the content form and cultural correctness of the translation should be emphasized, but also the style and function of the translation should be equivalent to the original text in accordance with the style and communication function of the business letter. In terms of content and culture, it is required that the content of the translation is accurate, the form is standardized, and conform to the cultural habits of the translator's language; in terms of style and function, the business letter is required to be concise and precise without losing specificity, and the formal and proper but cordial and polite style is reflected in the translation. In, reflecting the communicative style of the original text. To put it simply, the translation of business letters should pay attention to the standardization of the form, the accuracy of the content, and the appropriateness of the wording.

  Business letter document translation-Artlangs Translation Company is a well-known provider of written translation and simultaneous interpretation, founded in 2001, headquartered in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Guangzhou, etc. company. The clients served by the company cover many industries, including biomedicine, chemical, medical, electromechanical, automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, fashion, construction, law, IT, finance, etc.; the company has become a translation service provider for nearly 100 world-renowned companies .

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